• Natural methods of increasing hemoglobin

    First of all, it is necessary to use juices containing red dye anthocyanin( a group of flavonoids).Especially useful is the juice of red beet( including beet tops), provided it is used correctly. The juice is prepared in the evening and defends the night in the refrigerator. Dose( with a severe condition of up to 0.5 liters per day) is divided into five parts and drunk 1/2 h before meals, mixed with other juice( eg, grape, apple, birch).Beet juice contains vitamins of group B, potassium, magnesium, silicon, iron, manganese, copper. In summer you can actively use wild strawberries, blueberries, apricots, red grapes. In winter, use dried beetroot juice.

    Effective folk way of increasing hemoglobin : raw, dried on a clean dry skillet, buckwheat, ground in a coffee grinder.

    With low hemoglobin, you need to consume a large amount of greenery, fresh and dry, pomegranates, caraway seeds( you can just chew it).

    These methods in combination with B. Jensen's purification regimen can increase hemoglobin within a month by natural means( it is checked!).

    To increase hemoglobin, a very valuable non-medicinal help is flower pollen with honey or in granules. It contains all the essential amino acids, many valuable vitamins, trace elements.

    It is also useful royal jelly( for example, apilactose - a biologically active product of beekeeping).Apilactose also contains essential amino acids, B vitamins, iron, manganese, cobalt;these trace elements, necessary for normal blood formation, contribute to the regeneration and production of red blood cells.

    Traditionally, anemia was thought to be caused by iron deficiency. But treatment with iron-containing preparations does not always produce a noticeable effect. With a mild and moderate form of anemia, there is no iron deficiency in the body at all. But the protein deficiency is reliably proven. The study of the diet of pregnant women, which lacks meat, milk and lactic acid products, confirmed this conclusion. Therefore, with anemia in the daily diet of a pregnant and lactating woman, it is necessary to include not only fruits and vegetables containing iron, but also to increase the dose of full-value natural proteins. Just do not think that the main source of protein is just meat. Study the list of foods containing proteins. Connect nuts, honey, beans( especially useful lentils, since it has a large amount of iron), soy products, cereals from unrefined cereals, lactic products.

    Take care that the tire nutrition during pregnancy and lactation is full and full of protein. This is especially important for vegetarians.

    With severe depletion, you can connect biologically active supplements containing essential amino acids and iron in the body's digestible form.

    In addition, it should be emphasized that it is impossible to use natural( non-drug) methods of increasing hemoglobin until the first safe analysis is obtained. A full-fledged diet that promotes hemoglobin increase, it is necessary to adhere to the whole pregnancy and the entire lactation period, at least.

    And during the whole pregnancy to control the level of hemoglobin!