• What is sweet delivery?

    We are used to disassemble machinery and equipment at all times. Even in childbirth. It is important. But the accumulated automatism for the body, controlled by the brain, is necessary for the Spirit to create freely.

    - We are a deeply spiritual process. We must conceive our child in love, carry in love and happiness, ward off all troubles and worries or change our attitude towards them, so as not to disturb the child, and give birth, releasing his child to the open world with the maximum exertion of spiritual forces, bestowing on himlove.

    These are not just words. As long as there is a connection through the umbilical cord, the mother's blood carries to the fetus all the information about metabolic processes in her body. With positive emotions, the mother produces substances called endorphins in the brain that improve the fetal condition, reduce the sensation of pain. Mother was afraid - the child in the womb cries with a grimace of pain. The mother is singing cheerfully - the child is happily kicking. It has been repeatedly emphasized above how important it is during pregnancy to sing to the future baby, talk with him, iron him - to communicate physically and spiritually.

    And the childbirth is the closest thing to the process, when you are left in the prenatal period, you, young mother, try to think: "Now, my good child, we stayed with you together, we need to help each other;do not be afraid, I'm with you, I love you, everything will be fine, we'll soon see and feel each other. "

    And they should try to see their baby, help them in a difficult way to God's light, encourage them with tender words in every fight, every attempt, every breath. The main thing is that it would be easier for him. But you must be patient, I beg of you! After all, you have a whole life ahead of you: helping, encouraging, enduring, educating and loving your child. Now, in the most difficult and important moment of birth, your love gives him strength and relieves pain. And if you have thought with tenderness and love for your baby throughout all the births and have invested all your heart and soul, helping him to be born, you will never remember later about childbirth with horror. Everything will pass safely. And a new man will come to the world! Happy birth to you!