• Unconditional love

    Subconsciously, children demand from their parents every minute and every second, the most important thing for them is love. Now this word is torn and lost its meaning. But the essence remains: without love, life is meaningless!

    Think about the eternal biblical truths: "Love endures long, merciful, love does not envy, love does not boast, it does not take pride. Do not be rude, do not seek your own, do not get irritated, do not think evil. He does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth. Everything covers, believes everything, hopes everything, all prenosit "(New Testament, First Corinthians 13: 4-7).

    This wise truth is at the heart of all human relationships.

    Love should be unconditional, unconditional. Of course, this is an ideal, but we must strive for this ideal if we want our children to be healthy not only physically, but also - more importantly - emotionally.

    Love that does not depend on how our child, husband, people close to us behaves at the moment. It's very easy to say, and it's incredibly difficult to do. This must be learned all my life. We can not always equally love the same person, and it's natural, but try to love unconditionally - that's what's important.

    Try to love your husband when he forgot about the wedding anniversary! Or - your baby, when he broke his pants, and you do not have money for new ones! Even more difficult with adults: the son suddenly left without telling where, and the month is gone, but you go crazy with anxiety, etc. About your mother-in-law and do not want to talk. It is so hard!!!

    Nevertheless, if you want to have a good relationship with children, when they grow up, try to learn this basic foundation of human relationships: unconditional, unconditional love now, while you are still thinking about what it will be, this is your future child.

    Just give this love, as the sun gives its warmth, and flowers - its aroma and beauty. Let your love not depend on any conditions, at least, in relation to children. To husbands and wives, of course, it is much more difficult to treat this way, but, according to psychiatrists and psychologists, the principle of unconditional love should also be the basis of relations between spouses.

    If we add one more principle to this in our relations with loved ones: never take offense, it will become easier on the soul.

    Whatever it was, any woman is always wiser( I did not say, smarter!), Because she has a feeling of compassion and mercy;she has more developed instincts and intuition, although we have completely forgotten how to trust them and use them. Try to base your relationships in the family, and in particular with the future child put the principle of unconditional love.