• Pregnancy Sugar

    The problem of excessive consumption of refined sugar and its harmful health effects is one of the topical topics of modern medicine, and especially nutriciology - nutrition science. Refined sugar refers to carbohydrates, and overeating of refined carbohydrates is especially dangerous for pregnant women, since it can create a fetal tendency to develop diabetes. Such frivolous women, constantly sucking candy, grabbing a bun, ice cream, cake, "feed" themselves and thereby their future children, not knowing that children born with a weight over 4.5 kg, 4 times( !) are more likely to have diabetes. Do not know this and idle journalists, shedding crocodile tears of emotion over the "Russian heroes" weighing 6 kg, although professionals really want to cry from one thought about what awaits this "kubyshku" in the future. The ideal weight of a healthy child at birth of 4 to 4.5 kg is both a pledge of his health, and a condition of light birth.

    Refined sugar in the process of digestion by the body( after all, the main thing is not what we eat, but what our body absorbs) takes from the bones mineral substances vital for the developing fetus, in particular calcium, about the importance of which for the development of the full skeleton WEwrote. And the deepest misconception is the idea that calcium tablets( which, incidentally, is practically not digested) can compensate for these health-related losses. Emotional naturopaths claim that "sugar is a leech that steals calcium from the body."Studies show that with the abuse of refined sugar, the reserves of vitamin C, B vitamins, and many trace elements vital for full intrauterine growth also decrease.

    In addition, one should not forget about the hidden sources of sugar, it is put in snacks, confectionery, soft drinks, ice cream, so that refined sugar in percentage terms can sometimes take 25-50% of calories.

    However, we do not at all urge to completely abandon carbohydrates. Moreover, carbohydrates are a source of energy and are necessary for a pregnant woman who spends more energy than at normal times. We only advise to shift the emphasis and use instead of the refined sugar and products containing it, natural, high-grade products, in terms of saturation with vitamins and microelements:

    raisins, figs, prunes, dates, dry beans, lentils( contain over 20% sugar);

    bananas, cherries, grape juice, corn, potatoes( up to 20%);

    apricots, pineapples, oranges, quinces, grapes, pears, raspberries, peaches, plums, soybeans, dry blueberries, beans( up to 15%);

    grapefruits, peas, gooseberries, cranberries, red and black currants, red pepper, lemon, onions, carrots, dandelion leaves( up to 10%).

    The ideal kind of sweets is honey: we have already emphasized its benefits for pregnant women."Honey is a piece of sun on the table."Try to buy high-quality honey.

    Jam is still better assimilated than raw berries rubbed with sugar.

    If you can not do without sugar, it is better to use unrefined sugar and beetroot( strong) pressed sugar. Beets, including sugar, are a perfect whole product of nature, the same can be said about sugar cane;they contain a lot of valuable vitamins and trace elements.

    You should not get involved in sweets, candies, chewing gum. By the way, it is harmful also because constant chewing stimulates the formation of excess gastric juice. If there is a tendency to weakened mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract, it contributes to the ulceration of the mucosa and the appearance of ulcers and gastritis.

    Chocolate is a wonderful treat, but it should be used moderately. It will help to restore the tone quickly, if other methods do not help;real chocolate stimulates mental activity. But if you have low blood pressure, wear a good chocolate bar( in which 50% and more pure cocoa) in a bag. When compassionate friends treat a pregnant woman with chocolate, she should remember that although one chocolate does not do much harm, but too much chocolate is a false appearance of energy that does not give any long-term benefit to either her or the child.

    If you suffer from peptic ulcer, then you can not have coffee, but hot chocolate and cocoa - please drink to your health. Treat yourself to a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream, if you are tired and you immediately improve your mood.

    It is impossible to avoid completely refined sugar under our conditions, but pregnant women must constantly remember that every piece of sugar steals from them or their future baby teeth, makes brittle bones, weakens the nervous system, violates emotional stability.

    There is such a wonderful Chinese proverb: "You can bring your horse to a source of clean water, but you can not force her to drink water if she does not want to."You can talk as much as you like about what you need to do to give birth to a healthy child, but you want to "drink" knowledge from a source that has absorbed the age-old wisdom of doctors and the age-old intuition of healers, a pregnant woman should herself!