• Vitamin A( retinol)

    Properties: if a nursing mother has enough of this vitamin, the baby will be less prone to infectious diseases;is important for the prevention of poor vision in future children of women suffering from severe myopia or hyperopia;is necessary for children who grow poorly;is an effective antioxidant and contributes to the prevention of he co-logical diseases;also stabilizes the growth of bone tissue. Less known is the tremendous effect of vitamin A and its ability to influence( the preservation of a healthy immune system.) One of the earliest studies of vitamin A functions has shown that it is necessary for the normal differentiation of epithelial cells( cells covering "lining" all tissues in the body,ie skin, mucous membranes, vessel walls, etc.) Therefore, a pregnant woman should receive it in sufficient quantities. Carotins( provitamins A) are widely and not dangerous in terms of overdose.

    Over the last decadeall over the world, numerous data have been published confirming the anti-cancer effect of a prophylactic intake of a natural biologically active food additive - betacarotene( provitamin A.)

    Possible symptoms of lack: night blindness or inability to see clearly in moderate light is the main symptom of vitamin A deficiency.or burning in the eyes or slight redness, cracked dry skin, bad complexion, acne, warts, excessive mucus separation, increased seasonal susceptibilityto colds and respiratory diseases. Many gum disease and tooth decay are caused by a lack of vitamin A.


    vegetable: carrots, spinach, sorrel, green onions, tomatoes, apricots, red peppers, green peas, beet tops, celery, Brussels sprouts, apples, plums, salad, white cabbage.

    animals: beef liver, egg yolk, whole milk.

    The products contain provitamin A - beta-carotene, it is converted into the body in vitamin A as needed. Carotene is converted into vitamin A with a sufficient amount of thyroxine - the hormone of the thyroid gland.

    Products containing vitamin A lose it when stored incorrectly and cooked with air.