Water starvation for weight loss: the correct input and output, is it real

  • Water starvation for weight loss: the correct input and output, is it real

    Many believe that fasting often helps to strengthen health, leads to weight loss, rejuvenates the body. But not everyone is able to immediately abandon food and water. In this situation, the ideal option is water starvation for weight loss. It has certain advantages:

    1. Increases the body's defense system, which allows you to defeat many viral diseases.
    2. Thanks to psychological relief, the body is better cleared and restored more quickly.
    3. Activation of the pituitary gland, which slows down the aging process in the body.

    Fasting on the water is that a person drinks only pure filtered water. Any additions to it are prohibited. During this period, it is necessary to exclude tea, coffee and juices, so that the digestive processes are not activated. Also, the body will not be able to tune in to internal nutrition, thanks to which the extra pounds go. If this condition is not met, the results will be migraines and nervous disorders.

    The fasting period is determined individually.

    It is necessary to take into account the general well-being, the level of the body's preparation and personal desire. For a beginner, several one-day starvations per month are enough. Over time, such restrictions will be tolerated more easily and the period can be increased to several weeks, this is the period that will be optimal for cleansing and rejuvenating the body. The desire to eat something will diminish with time and the feeling of hunger will go away.

    Water starvation requires correct input. The first time it is better to spend the day off to get distracted from the working voltage. A week before the onset of starvation, you must exclude sugar, fats and caffeine, this will help ease the entry into starvation, and the output will be much easier. During the entire preparation period, it is necessary to consume two liters of water, and the diet should consist exclusively of low-fat varieties of fish and meat and a large number of vegetables. Before the first day of fasting, the last meal should be at seven o'clock in the evening.

    Water starvation begins in the morning. Immediately after awakening, you need to drink two glasses of water and continue as often as you want. Then every hour to drink a glass. Fasting ends at 8 pm. An hour later you can eat an apple. Nothing else. In the morning the next day you can have breakfast with oatmeal in the water with fruit, except for bananas. If there are forces, then fasting can be extended to three days. But to cleanse the body of one day in two weeks will be quite enough.

    With this starvation, weight will go away by using your own fat stores. Approximate weight loss for fasting of different duration:

    1. One-day fasting - 2-3 kilograms.
    2. 5-7 days of fasting - up to 8 kilograms.
    3. . Average fasting 10-12 days - up to 12 kilograms.
    4. Long-term fasting for more than two weeks allows you to lose about 1 kilogram in a few days.

    It may seem that water starvation for getting rid of excess weight is very difficult to sustain, but if there is a clear desire to change yourself, it all depends on your own motivation. It is necessary to consult a doctor before starting a fast to determine if there are individual contraindications. Medical fact: experts consider the optimal fasting period for a good body cleansing for 4-5 days maximum.