What dances help to lose weight, how to start gymnastics for weight loss

  • What dances help to lose weight, how to start gymnastics for weight loss

    In order to lose weight and get an elastic, flexible body, there is no better way than dancing. They improve the mood, increase the tone of the body, contribute to better health. So let's consider what dances help to lose weight.

    What are the benefits of dancing

    Dancing is an excellent antidepressant, because they stimulate the production of the hormone of joy, improve mood, and burn fats. This brings a double benefit, because it prevents the "seizing" of stresses.

    There is a huge number of styles of dances and all of them affect the body to some extent, contributing not only to weight loss, but also to the overall strengthening of the body, rejuvenates. Dance pas strengthen muscles, disperse cellulite, relieve stretch marks.

    In addition, dances strengthen health, favorably affect the cardiovascular system, lymph flow, contribute to the normalization of metabolism. Thanks to dances, vital activity, body resistance to illnesses, life is prolonged.

    Preparatory stage for dance classes

    1. Determine for yourself a clear motivation: why you need dancing, what result you should see at the end.

    1. The system is the main rule of dancing. We will have to overcome laziness and organize regular lessons.
    2. Do not try to jump above your head, if you've never done dancing, select sections for beginners.
    3. If the main goal of doing weight loss dances, choose dances that are struggling with certain problem areas.
    4. To conduct classes best in a circle of like-minded people and under the supervision of a good coach.
    5. Remember that for each type of dance there is a style of clothing and shoes, so you need to prepare in advance.
    6. Perhaps the coach will tell you, you need a rug, and also do not forget a bottle of pure still water and a towel.

    Which dances are effective for losing weight

    Let's consider how different types of dance affect different muscle groups, and find out which dances are effective for losing weight.

    Dancing mamba, cha-cha-cha, salsa will give slenderness to the legs, strengthen the calf muscles and thigh muscles, train the heart muscle. If the main problem is the deposition of fat on your feet, then these fiery dances are just for you.

    In order to improve the shape, make your legs beautiful you should do classical dances.

    If your goal is to effectively and quickly lose weight, the best option is R'n'B, hip hop. These dances are saturated with active exercises that involve all muscle groups.

    A very feminine figure can be obtained by practicing oriental dances. In these dances the muscles of the abdomen, thighs, buttocks are most involved. Regularly attend these classes and will be able to significantly reduce the volume of such problem areas.

    In many women, on the contrary, the main amount of fat is concentrated in the upper part of the trunk, on the neck and arms. Flamenco perfectly copes with this problem, will give your movements grace.

    Ballroom dancing is suitable not only for young people, but also for people of age, because they are more sparing in the burden on the heart.

    The unfading steppe at all times finds its admirers. This dance develops a sense of rhythm and hearing, but at the same time promotes the training of muscles on the buttocks and legs.

    Look at the Brazilian carnival, what an amazing figure the dancers have in the sambadrome. If you want the same forms, study the samba dance.

    How to help lose weight to a teenager

    The ability to move and endure the burden with age varies considerably. An elderly person can not repeat the movements that are easily given to a teenager. Therefore, if your child is inclined to fullness, give it to modern dances, for him these are the best dances for weight loss.

    Go-go, break dance, kontemporari are dances that will interest your child, because they are trendy and full of spectacular dance movements. They will perfectly help your child to solve the problem of excess weight and significantly increase his authority among peers.

    It is important to pay attention to the nutrition of a person who wants to lose weight, enough will reduce the amount of consumed sweet dishes and not overeat.

    Dancing is a great method of weight loss with health benefits, which will only bring pleasure. And the number of varieties of them is such that everyone can choose to their liking. And do it with a good mood, do not miss the lessons, remember that every day brings you closer to your dream - a beautiful, slim figure.

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