• Milk and Lactic Acid Products

    Milk or lactic acid products( bio-yogurt, acidophilus, bifid, biokefir, ryazhenka, matzoni, swine sour milk, koumiss, acidophilus and acidophilic paste, lactic acid products that can be fermented by the sourdough of "Narine", etc.) should be included in the ration of a pregnant womanwomen daily as one of the most important sources of protein and calcium.

    Read the labels carefully: buy only lactic acid foods enriched with live bacteria, and the more of them, the better the quality. Do not let yourself be deceived by advertising stunts. Those lactic products that can be stored for more than a month and in which there are no living lactobacilli( namely lactobacilli and bifidobacteria), should not by law contain the words "yogurt" or "kefir".So manufacturers have to come up with all sorts of exotic names.

    Milk is not useful for all pregnant women. For asthmatics and people suffering from chronic bronchitis, sinusitis, hay fever, allergic reactions, milk itself is a strong allergen, as it forms a large amount of mucus. Such women should be avoided, but they need to eat lactic acid products, especially in our cold climate, insufficient sunlight and a small variety of fruits and vegetables. In our climate, especially in the autumn-winter period, without lactic acid products is impossible, and for pregnant women this is simply fraught with serious complications.

    It is known that 30% of people in Europe and 60% of people in Asia do not absorb milk. It's very simple to find out if you personally learn it. Notice that it will be, if you drank a pair of milk - constipation, upset stomach, torment the gases.

    Doubled( unboiled) milk can be drunk only if you are firmly sure that the cow is healthy and not sick with foot and mouth disease. That's why you need to use pasteurized milk. When boiling milk on the walls of the pan, valuable calcium salts are precipitated, vitamins and enzymes are destroyed. It is important to heat the pasteurized milk exactly as much as necessary, and no more. The most simple way to heat milk in a water bath: a pan with milk put in another pan with water and heat on a small fire, not leading up to a boil.

    Drinking not boiled milk from the barrel is strictly contraindicated: you can get brucellosis.

    Very useful goat's milk, it does not give allergies. Only to accustom to it it is necessary gradually, at first diluting it with boiled water, as it is very fat.

    Do not forget about the cottage cheese - in any form. The main thing is, it must be fresh!

    Lactic acid products, cottage cheese and cheese - will protect you from tooth decay.

    They will help to ensure that the teeth of a future child will be strong. By the way, note that the basis of the teeth in the baby is formed before birth, so do not leave it without calcium.

    Cheeses are a very important source of calcium, but they must be of good quality. Try to choose low-fat, firm and mature cheeses. Their quality, like that of real wine, improves with time. After the French, it is customary to serve pieces of a wide variety of cheeses on a wooden board. Try different cheeses, this is a great pleasure

    Brynza, especially real Bulgarian, sulguni and other sheep cheeses are an important source of natural proteins and very valuable food for pregnant women( and not only).There are two culinary schools: adherents of one pour pieces of Bulgarian cheese with boiling water for half an hour, while others - on the contrary, longly soak it in cold water. Decide for yourself! The main thing, remember, baked potatoes with cheese and greens - just delicious! Enjoy the meal yourself and please your loved ones with tasty and healthy dishes.

    Sour cream is used only as a condiment for salads, vegetables, vegetarian soups.

    Cream can be added to coffee, cocoa. But resist the temptation of strawberries with whipped cream and do not try! Make fruit salads with whipped cream, ground nuts and grated chocolate. Gain a lot of fun!