Useful properties of kiwi fruit. Is Kiwi Harmful?

  • Useful properties of kiwi fruit. Is Kiwi Harmful?

    Not everyone knows that the kiwi has its name because of the similarity with the bird from New Zealand, which has the same name. In order to understand what are the useful properties of kiwi, you need to look into its composition.

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    • Useful than kiwi

    • Useful properties of kiwi are used in medicine!

    • What is harmful to kiwi

    • How useful is kiwi to pregnant women?

    • Kiwi is useful in losing weight?

    How useful kiwi

    In kiwi, as in other berries, contains many minerals, vitamins, microelements, carbohydrates and fiber. You can openly say that kiwi contains, almost the most amount of nutrients among all berries. There are many vitamins in a form accessible to the human body, for example, there is more vitamin C in it than in all citrus and even Bulgarian pepper and black currant. Of course, kiwi contains very important vitamins from group B, namely: B9, B2, B3 and B6.Also in the composition you can find vitamins D, E, A and so on. In kiwi, there are many minerals that are quickly absorbed by the human body: sodium, magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium, zinc, phosphorus and manganese. For 10% kiwi consists of fiber, disaccharides and monosaccharides. Many include kiwi in the diet during the diet, since it contains 50 calories per 100 grams.

    Daily use of kiwi significantly improves the body's immune system, improves its functioning, improves restorative and protective functions, increases resistance to stress and so on. We can openly say that kiwi is a medicinal berry, because it improves cardiac activity, restores cellular metabolism, stimulates digestion, reduces the risk of malignant tumors. But that the kiwi has a positive effect on the body, you need to eat it every day. It is prescribed as a preventive measure for rheumatic diseases, urinary tract diseases, and lung diseases.

    Kiwi is extremely useful for women, because it protects hair from gray hair due to the fact that it restores lipid metabolism in the body. You can burn excess fats, remove stagnant water from the body, improve digestion and accelerate metabolism. Thanks to the kiwi there is a heaviness in the stomach, heartburn also disappears and excess water is withdrawn, which is delayed due to the high amount of sodium in the body. Quite often kiwi is added to face masks to make the skin velvety, tender, supple and healthy, the complexion improves significantly. If you eat kiwi daily, you can forget about harmful cholesterol, improve the condition of capillaries and blood vessels, cleanse blood from harmful substances, and reduce the risk of varicose veins and thrombosis.

    But kiwi is not too keen to get carried away, in everything you need to observe the measure, because kiwi is an exotic fruit that contains many acids that destroy teeth and cause burning sensation in the mouth. Kiwi can harm children, cause burning sensation in the mucosa and so on. You can not eat kiwi with milk, because the reaction to the body is completely unpredictable. Also, allergy should be treated with kiwi, because it often causes allergies.

    Useful properties of kiwi are used in medicine!

    Doctors have long argued that adding kiwi to the daily diet reduces the risk of very terrible diseases. You need to eat kiwi golden color, because they have the most antioxidants. Following the degree of utility kiwi - green, during the experiment it was found out that the amount of antioxidants in the body increased very strongly after taking green kiwi. Scientists claim that many diseases appear after oxidative processes, but using kiwi, they slow down, which protects the body from the appearance of diseases. For example, oxidation occurs with atherosclerosis, heart failure, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and even with malignant tumors. Kiwi can increase the amount of energy in the body and thereby improve efficiency.

    After research in Norway it was proved that kiwi has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. But it was also found that many people are allergic to kiwi, which is highly undesirable. You need to eat kiwi in small portions every day so that the body can get used to it. Even those who do not have allergies, can not eat kiwi in huge portions, this negatively affects the state of the gastrointestinal tract.

    Doctors from China use kiwi in the treatment of many diseases, for example, it is possible to cure diabetes, since kiwi does not contain sugar, and it improves blood circulation in the affected areas of the body. With the help of kiwi, blood supply to the internal organs can be restored.

    Nutritionists recommend kiwi to people suffering from a lack of appetite. You need to eat a whole kiwi a day or a half, preferably half an hour before a meal, to improve the secretion of gastric juice and appetite. It is best to begin taking kiwi in winter or spring, as the body is dehydrated and loses most of the minerals and vitamins. How to include kiwi in the diet? First, you can eat it between basic meals, instead of eating sandwiches with cheese and sausage. Secondly, you can eat kiwi half an hour before a meal, as it has a lot of fiber, which improves peristalsis and bowel movements.

    Than the kiwi is harmful

    Of course, all good has a negative side, including kiwi. The main problem of kiwi is an allergic effect on the body, and the allergy appears not only in adults, but also in young children. The allergic reaction is extremely strong, anaphylactic shock can occur or there may be swelling of the tongue and lips. You can not drink kiwi juice for people who have problems with biliary tracts or stomach, for example, with ulcer of the stomach and duodenum you can not eat kiwi in any form.

    If you eat kiwi in large quantities, it will act as a laxative, which is also very undesirable. In kiwi is a lot of water and acid, which can cause an exacerbation of kidney and urinary system. It is because of the negative properties of kiwi that you should consult a dietitian or make an exact decision - whether to use it or not, if you do not have problems with the body, eat kiwi in moderation.

    Than useful kiwi for pregnant women

    Pregnant women are afraid to add new products to their diet, because they do not know what effect this will have on the body. Most women turn to a doctor, and then hear quite conflicting opinions: some say that kiwi helps the body and restores immunity, also stimulates digestion, and other doctors say that kiwi can cause allergic reactions and lead to very undesirable consequences. That's why we give a full description of the effect of kiwi on the female body during pregnancy, so you do not have to worry and worry about it.

    By and large, the use of kiwi is more likely to have a positive effect on the body, as it contains many minerals and vitamins necessary for the development of the fetus and the maintenance of their own health in the norm. But opinions differ greatly, because kiwis is referred to exotic fruits, and they, as a rule, are not fully absorbed by our body due to the fact that they grew up in another territory where a completely different climate. Due to the fact that the body is not adapted to kiwi - it is not digested and causes gastrointestinal disorders and allergies. But why then women use bananas without any problems, and are concerned about kiwi? Bananas are also grown in other climatic conditions, but they are completely absorbed.

    Pregnant women should include kiwi in the diet for the reason that it has a lot of vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system, as well as magnesium and potassium. Thanks to vitamin C, there is a decrease in the likelihood of colds and viral diseases, such as ARVI or influenza. Everyone is accustomed to the fact that it is in lemons, oranges and grapefruits that most of all vitamin C is contained, but this is far from the case, kiwi is superior to citrus in the amount of vitamin C. It is important that citrus fruits cause a stronger allergy than kiwi. But if you want to safely increase the amount of this vitamin in the body, you need to drink broth of dogrose.

    Thanks to magnesium and potassium, the work of the cardiovascular system and heart muscle improves, it is very important during pregnancy, because with rapid changes in the body, a high stress on the heart is created. Because of this, harmonious and correct work of the heart should be maintained throughout pregnancy.

    Also, many women face constipation and even hemorrhoids during pregnancy, so kiwi is recommended to be used together with chicory. Thanks to it, constipation quickly passes, and the chances of hemorrhoids are reduced. It is also believed that the plum, raisins and dried apricots have a very weak effect as opposed to kiwi. Eat 2 kiwi a day to get rid of constipation, but also drink at least two liters of clean water. After drinking kiwi, you should drink water or brush your teeth, so that the acid does not dissolve the tooth enamel.

    But can kiwi be harmful? If you eat it according to the daily rate, there will be no problems, but if you are intolerant to kiwi, you need to give it up. Eat about two kiwi a day, if you do not want to have an allergy. The allergy is characterized by the appearance of pimples on the skin, redness of the throat, fever and so on. You can not eat kiwi pregnant women who have gastritis, stomach ulcers, cystitis and other unpleasant diseases. Any diseases of the genitourinary system and the gastrointestinal tract can become worse if there are kiwi.

    Kiwi is useful in losing weight?

    Be sure to include kiwi in the diet of women who want to lose weight. It contains many enzymes and enzymes, and a low number of calories only makes it even more attractive. In kiwi there is practically no fructose and sugar, but there is fiber, which improves the functioning of the intestines. You can improve the condition of the skin due to the fact that kiwi forms fibers from collagen, it is very useful for women who have wrinkles.

    You need to eat kiwi after eating, because it prevents the occurrence of heartburn and belching, and acids accelerate the digestion of food. To lose weight, you need to eat every day kiwi half an hour after eating, but do not eat more than 2 kiwi at a time. Kiwi restores the normal intestinal microflora, accelerates digestion and thereby metabolism. Thanks to the influence on the kidneys, you can get rid of the excess fluid that has accumulated in the body for a long time. How to include kiwi in your diet, we'll talk below.

    The first day of

    • Breakfast: boiled egg, three ripe kiwi, strong coffee without sugar and milk, a sandwich with white bread and cheese;

    • Lunch: salad of cucumbers and tomatoes, five ripe kiwi, 200 grams of baked chicken breast;

    • Dinner: fresh juice, 200 grams of fat-free cottage cheese, three kiwis;

    • Half an hour before bedtime: 200 milliliters of kefir.

    The second day of

    • Breakfast: a slice of rye bread, three kiwi, fresh juice, fried eggs of three eggs;

    • Lunch: two tomatoes, toast, 250 grams of boiled fish without fat, five kiwis;

    • Dinner: boiled egg, 200 grams of boiled chicken breast, salad of bananas and kiwi;

    • Half an hour before sleep: 200 grams of fat-free cottage cheese and one kiwi.

    Observe the diet for ten days, you need to alternate days. Do not get out of the diet too sharply, gradually add the usual food. Of course, it will be better if you sign up for a swimming pool or fitness to accelerate the burning of excess weight. In about ten days, you can lose 4-7 kilograms, depending on physical activity. You can repeat the diet two months later, in no case earlier.

    Stay healthy with our dear readers!