Rosehip: harmful and beneficial properties for men and women

  • Rosehip: harmful and beneficial properties for men and women

    Rosehip has long been known to people for its useful and healing properties. It can be found both wild-growing, and lovingly cultivated in garden plots and in front gardens. Due to its usefulness, the dogrose is widely used in traditional and folk medicine.

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    • General properties of
    • Benefits of dog rose for masculine health
    • Rosehip and health of women
    • Rose hips
    • Harmful properties and contraindications

    General properties

    Rosehip is a natural storehouse of many valuable vitamins, substances and mineral complexes for the body. Most of all, rosehip is rich in ascorbic acid. It is involved in the oxidation-reduction processes of the body. Only a few fruits of this plant can satisfy the daily necessity of the organism in this wonderful vitamin. What is characteristic, the higher the rosehip grows to the north, the higher the concentration of ascorbic acid is contained in it.

    Also rosehip fruits contain vitamins: rutin, thiamine, riboflavin, pyridoxine, menaquinone, tocopherol. In addition, the plant is saturated with antioxidants-flavonoids( kaempferol, quercetin), which neutralize free radicals in our body, preventing the aging process. Carotene positively affects the organs of vision, improves the overall resistance of the body to infections. Other substances are represented by sugar, tannins, pectins, organic acids( citric, malic), lycolin, rubixanthin, essential oil. Rosehip is rich in trace elements such as iron, manganese, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium.

    Rosehip fruits have a vitaminizing, anti-atherosclerotic, choleretic, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial effects on the human body, have strong bactericidal and phytoncidal properties. They also eliminate the fragility of the walls of the vessels, stimulate and normalize the processes of hematopoiesis, regulate blood coagulability.

    Official medicine uses mostly rose hips. They are used to treat:

    • atherosclerosis;

    • anemia;

    • depletion of the body;

    • for general strengthening of the body in various infections;

    • poorly healing wounds;

    • dissolution of kidney stones;

    • eliminating stones in the liver;

    • decreased secretion of gastric secretions;

    • reduced coagulation of broken bones;

    • uterine bleeding;

    • intestinal parasites and others.

    Rose hip oil is an excellent wound-healing product. And regular consumption of wild boar infusions forms strong and stable immunity to infectious diseases.

    Headache and migraine can cure green tea with the addition of hips extract.

    Benefit of dog rose for male health

    Rosehip in combination with hawthorn can positively affect the cardiovascular system, improving blood circulation and strengthening male strength.

    The main component of dogrose, which is beneficial for men's health, is ascorbic acid. It tones up the male body, overflowing the loins with a fertile force and energy.

    Also rosehip has the ability to treat many diseases and disorders of the genitourinary sphere.

    For the treatment of prostatitis , you should mix a cup of wild rose and a spoon( table) of hawthorn. Everyone languishes in a water bath for about half an hour. After - the hour is steamed in a closed container, wrapped in a warm cloth. Before use, strain. Drink, anticipating food intake( per hour).

    Infusion from the skin of the rose hips is also an excellent remedy for this ailment. A tablespoon of the main component is poured into a glass of boiling water and stands in a closed container for several hours.

    Prostate adenoma retreats when receiving tea from two spoons( table) of burdock leaves, filled with broth of wild rose. The drug is prepared for a quarter of an hour with the help of a steam bath. Next - stands a few hours. Before use, it is filtered. It is recommended to take two spoons( table) in advance before meals.

    In case of premature ejaculation, we use infusion of two parts of rose hips, one part of the leaves of the triple leaf watch, one part of the calendula officinalis, two parts of the five-lobed motherwort. We prepare the drug on the steam bath. Accept 2 times a day. The course takes about three weeks.

    To increase the potency of , we take the decoction from the following collection: 0.15 kg.fresh juice of the century, 0.1 kg.rose hips( crushed into powder), 0.03 kg.parsley seeds( also grown to a powdery state).In parallel, a mixture of 0.25 liters is prepared.red wine and 0.25 kg.honey. Further, all the ingredients are mixed, and the drug stands for about fourteen days without access to light, from time to time it is shaken. It is taken on a spoon( canteen) 3 times a day, anticipating a meal.

    Rosehip and health of a woman

    Rosehip oil is useful for nursing mothers. It heals cracks in the nipples. In diseases of female genital organs, tampons, soaked in rosehip oil, douching with rose hips allow a speedy recovery.

    Cosmetic ice, made from broth of wild rose, with regular application, perfectly improves the tone of the female skin, enriches it with vitamins, improves the complexion.

    The rose hips infusion can also be used as a tonic, which eliminates fine wrinkles of the facial skin.

    With excess weight, the broth of dogrose helps to regulate metabolism, stimulating the burning of surplus adipose tissue and helping the female body to get an excellent physical shape in the shortest possible time.

    Rosehip essential oil is a wonderful gift of nature, ensuring the smoothness and health of the skin. Myristic, lauric, palmitic and stearic acids effectively fight with stretch marks, scars and varicose veins.

    Recipes based on dogrose

    1. Cosmetology

    • Decoction of petals. 0.1 kg.the main component boils for about an hour. The broth cleanses the skin and eyes.

    • Scrub from rose hips. Dry seeds of the fruit of the plant are grinded in a coffee grinder. Spoon( tea) of the main ingredient is mixed with the same spoon of sour cream, a few drops of lemon juice. Weight is well mixed. The scrub is rubbed into the damp skin for a few minutes, then left for a quarter of an hour. After it is removed by warm water.

    • Anti-heating bath. Five-six spoons( table) petals of the plant( crushed) are placed in an enameled container with a liter of boiling water. You should hold your face above the steam rising from the tank. After some cooling, you can cover your head with a towel over the steam. This procedure helps to expand the pores of the facial skin and to clear it of sebaceous plugs.

    • Broth for oily skin. Spoon( table) of rose hips mixed with egg whites( 1 pc.) And a spoon( tea) of lemon juice. To thicken the consistency is added a few spoons( tea) of wheat flour. The drug is applied for a quarter of an hour as a mask. It is removed by water with the addition of lemon juice. This mask helps to narrow and purify the pores of the skin, increase its tone.

    • Hair care. Two tablespoons of broth from the hips are mixed with a spoon( table) of lemon juice and a couple of spoons of oatmeal. The resulting mixture is smeared on the hair and scalp for about half an hour before hair is washed. It strengthens your hair, eliminates excess fat and brittleness.

    2. Drinks

    • Wine from rose hips. 1,5 kg.dried and crushed fruits of the plant, 0.02 kg of yeast, 5 kg.sugar is poured into 16 liters.water. The container with components stands in a warm place without access to light for about 90 days. Periodically, the future wine is shaken. After this period, the wine is filtered, 0.2 liters is added.alcohol. Then the wine stands still about 90-120 days, after - it is bottled. The resulting wine has a powerful vitaminizing effect( but without fanaticism).

    • Liqueur made from hips. One and a half glasses of sugar, three glasses of vodka are added to the glass of the crushed fruits of the plant. The resulting cocktail stays in the sun for about five days. After it is added two more glasses of vodka, it is similarly aged. Before use, the liqueur must be filtered. It is taken on 0,015-0.02 g.

    • Healing tea. A spoon( table) of dried fruit is poured into a glass of boiling water, and stands for several hours. Drink with sugar to taste.

    • Vitamin extract. Three tablespoons of dried fruits are poured into a couple of glasses of boiling water, stand for several hours. Drink half the glass many times a day.

    • Drink from rose hips. Eight spoons of dried fruits of the plant are poured with four glasses of boiling water, mixed with four tablespoons of sugar, cooked on a small flame for ten minutes. After the decoction is filtered and bottled.

    • "Coffee" made from rose hips. The seeds of the plant are roasted, crushed in a coffee grinder and brewed like coffee. The resulting drink is useful and extremely pleasant to the taste.

    • Kissel from the dog rose. 0.05 kg.fresh fruits( 0.1 kg dried) are washed with running water, poured a couple of glasses of filtered water, cooked about half an hour on average flame. Another hot broth is poured into another container, and the remaining fruits are kneaded into a gruel. The kasha is poured into a glass of water, brought to a boil, pre-filtered through a multilayer gauze, and mixed with the original decoction. Then add sugar to taste and two tablespoons of potato starch, diluted with cool water. To enhance the healing properties should be poured pink petals or citrus peel.

    3. Means for detoxifying the body

    • The spoon of the fruit of the plant is poured with boiling water and it stays in the thermos for about eight hours( or 15 minutes is prepared on a steam bath).Infusion is taken 3 times a day, together with 0.05 kg.ascorbic acid after the end of the meal. The course is 1 month. This course will help to remove from the body all the "ballast" of toxins and slags.

    • A spoon( dining room) of birch buds, immortelle, chamomile is brewed with 1.5 liters of boiling water. Infusion "ripens" about two hours. Also prepared is a decoction of rose hips. Multicomponent infusion is drunk in the morning with a spoonful of honey. Broth of dogrose is drunk at lunch and dinner, half an hour before food. Carrying out such a "therapy" a month, you will significantly spur metabolism, regulate the digestive process and rejuvenate the body.

    • Five spoons( table) of pine needles, onion husks, rose hips - spoon( dining room), boil in boiling water( liter) on a small flame for about five minutes. After the capacity is wrapped in a warm cloth and stands up during the night. Further, the infusion is filtered, brought to boiling water to a liter. Drink a glass 3 times a day with small sips.

    Harmful properties and contraindications

    High levels of ascorbic acid cause irritation of the stomach and intestinal mucosa. Therefore, the means on the basis of dogrose should be very carefully taken to people with peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum, gastritis.

    Prolonged and uncontrolled intake of rose hips can provoke pancreatitis and flatulence.

    Rosehip should be taken carefully to people suffering from high blood coagulability, thrombophlebitis, heart failure, endocardia, circulatory insufficiency.

    Also, the dog rose destroys the tooth enamel. In this regard, it is desirable to use infusions from the fruits of the plant with the help of a tube to prevent contact with the teeth. It will also be useful after rinsing the broths rinse your mouth with water.

    It can be summed up that the dog rose on useful properties and beneficial effects on the human body can be compared with ginseng. Drink broths with the fruits of this plant and be healthy!