Diet on a watermelon for weight loss: can watermelon on a diet, helps to lose weight diuretic effect

  • Diet on a watermelon for weight loss: can watermelon on a diet, helps to lose weight diuretic effect

    Everyone wants to be slim and elegant, but not everyone wants to deny himself a delicious. After all, most diets are built on complete exclusion from the sweet diet. How to be? I want to get rid of excess fat, not depriving myself of the pleasure of eating various goodies. And if baking and chocolate are often forbidden, then what about fruits and berries?

    Sometimes I want to find out, but can it be during a diet grapes, bananas, pears? Is it possible to watermelon on a diet? Yes, you can! And even necessary! In fact, in addition to "tasteless" rations that carry a complete ban on sweet, there is a "delicious" watermelon diet.

    What is a good watermelon diet?

    This method of weight reduction is short-term, its duration is not more than 10 days. Thanks to a diet on the watermelon for weight loss, the extra pounds disappear, the body receives a lot of useful.

    After all, watermelon is a vitamin factory. It has anti-inflammatory and restorative properties. The watermelon pulp contains salts of iron, potassium, sodium, magnesium, etc. It is useful for anemia, heart diseases and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

    In the pulp of this delicious berry there are also pectins, which are practically not absorbed by the body. They are enterosorbents and remove all harmful substances from the body, lower the level of cholesterol.

    In addition, it contains lycopene, which has a favorable effect on human vision. Also, lycopene stimulates the production of collagen, responsible for the skin condition. At the end of the diet, the skin becomes better, its tone is restored.

    Who is harmful to the watermelon diet

    The application of the diet on watermelons is practically shown to everyone. It is forbidden to use this diet for kidney failure and diseases of the genitourinary system, since watermelon consists of 90% of water, and this is a huge burden on the body. A sweet berry causes a diuretic effect, and it is harmful in these diseases. In no case do not experiment with diabetics because of the high sugar content.

    Menu options

    Diet on watermelons refers to a mono-diet, that is, the main product in it will be the pulp of watermelon and in large quantities. In 100 grams of the edible part of this berry contains 38 kilocalories, therefore, even when eating it in large quantities, the weight will fall.

    Option number 1

    Use only a watermelon at the rate of 10 kilograms of weight losing weight - 1 kilogram of flesh berries. The total is divided into 6 portions. The duration of the course is no more than 4-6 days. As a drink - pure water or green tea. With this option, you can easily part with three to five kilograms of excess fat.

    Variant №2

    In this variant of the diet, the daily norm of watermelon is supplemented with one or two pieces of bread. Use should be rye, cereal or otrubno bread. Drink the same as the first version of the menu. During the diet period there will be no feeling of constant hunger, as watermelon contains a large amount of water and sugar. Efforts will be rewarded with the loss of two to four kilograms of excess weight.

    The correct way out of the miracle diet

    The compulsory rule at the end of the diet is the correct way out of it. After completing the diet to fix the result within 10-15 days, the menu should be supportive.

    In the early days to eat mostly vegetables, fruits, cereals. Gradually we introduce in the menu sour-milk and meat products, as well as fish and eggs. Dine ideally with a few slices of watermelon. And most importantly - not to return to fatty and heavy food, hot dogs and hamburgers with French fries, then too much weight will not return. And the surrounding people will look with envy at the slim figure and easy gait.

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