Whether a persimmon is caloric: useful properties and caloric content of fresh and dried persimmon

  • Whether a persimmon is caloric: useful properties and caloric content of fresh and dried persimmon

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    Each of us at least once in his life adhered to proper nutrition or experienced the effect of a particular diet. Especially in winter, when there is so little sun and heat, and want to fully supply the body with useful products, but do not gain hateful pounds.

    In the market and in stores you can find a variety of fruits and vegetables that do not grow on the territory of our country. The most popular, after mandarin, winter and almost all favorite fruit is a persimmon. This fruit has firmly won its in our nutrition due to the unusual taste, bright color and a huge number of vitamins that are contained in it.

    Many who follow their health and the caloric intake of food, wonder - is persimmon a calorie? Let's look in more detail all the useful properties of this exotic fruit.

    Persimmon composition

    Persimmon is a fruit that grows mainly in China, and it is just a storehouse of various vitamins and minerals. For many people this fruit is known as "Chinese peach" or "winter berry", but the most suitable and fully meaningful nickname is "food of the gods".

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    And indeed, the composition of persimmons includes vitamins B, iron, magnesium, a lot of calcium and potassium. She is also a record holder in the content of retanol - a substance that promotes normal metabolism. The orange persimmon contains as many nutritious fibers and substances as in garnets, grapes, figs and apples.

    Useful properties

    Persimmon is used in many countries for preparing various salads, puddings, as well as alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine, cider. Even in Japan from unripe fruits prepare sake.

    Patients after surgery are very useful to use persimmon, as it contains pectin, which helps the digestive system. Its fruits are useful in anemia, nervous breakdown and physical exhaustion, with thyroid disease and even with colds.

    If we consider the beneficial properties and caloric content of persimmons, then it can replace many products and immunomodulating drugs sold in pharmacies.

    This fruit is suitable not only for eating, it is also used in other spheres of human life, for example, in medicine, cosmetology. And from wood receive an expensive black ebony.

    Caloric content of persimmons

    By the amount of carbohydrates( about 60%) this fruit should be very high in calories, but the microelements contained in it do not harm health and figure, since they are formed by glucose and fructose.

    Persimmon is a low-calorie product. The number of calories in one piece is about 60. This small amount allows you to use it for those who watch their diet and want to lose weight.

    The dietary properties of Persimmon

    The main value of this fruit is its nutritional value. Regardless of how many kilocalories per persimmon is contained, it has a high degree of saturation. There are many diets that are based only on the use of this product - it is suitable for people who want to lose weight, but do not limit themselves to sweet.

    This bright fruit can be combined with various dairy and sour-milk products. It is great for breakfast or as a snack.

    Many nutritionists believe that when you include in a diet, persimmons can be lost in 5 days to 5 kg of weight, and the effectiveness of this method is confirmed by scientific research.

    Of course, such a diet is dangerous for a person's psychological health, so it's better if a persimmon is replaced by any one of the meals. In addition, you need to consume a large amount of liquid. After all, as is known, water helps to remove harmful substances and various products of vital activity from our body.

    Persimmon is perfectly stored in the refrigerator, and in the frost it becomes even tastier and softer, but the main delicacy is a dried persimmon.

    Caloric content of dried persimmon does not exceed 53 kcal, which allows a little abuse of such dessert. It is important to note that in addition to useful properties, the dried product can carry a danger. For example, when using this dessert with milk, spasm and severe pain may occur. This ability of a dried persimmon can be grateful to the pectin contained in it in large quantities.

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