Diet for ulcerative colitis of the intestine: how can one cure this disease with a diet

  • Diet for ulcerative colitis of the intestine: how can one cure this disease with a diet

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    At the first manifestations of ulcerative colitis, patients with fright begin to stuff themselves with medications, completely forgetting about the diet. Unfortunately, this is completely wrong. Although drug treatment is on the first place and no one has canceled it, it is still necessary to adhere to strict rules in nutrition to reduce pain.

    The main causes and symptoms of the disease

    Doctors still have not figured out the true causes of ulcerative colitis and are spreading their hands. However, there are major factors of susceptibility to this disease:

    • heredity factor;
    • infection;
    • is an inflammation;
    • eating disorders.

    The main symptoms of ulcerative colitis are:

    • frequent stool with putrefactive odor, periodically replaced by constipation;
    • fever;
    • severe colicky pain.

    Frequent stool( or diarrhea) is the main symptom of the disease. In this case, blood and mucus are observed in the stool, and trips to the toilet are more than 30 times a day. Also, blood and pus can be released spontaneously. Pain in the abdominal area can be either sharp or weak.

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    What to eat with ulcerative colitis?

    The diet for ulcerative colitis of the intestine is able to:

    1. reduce the urge( diarrhea);
    2. recover lost food substances;
    3. to accelerate the healing of the intestinal mucosa;
    4. to increase the effectiveness of medications.

    In each case, a gastroenterologist chooses a special and individual dietary food system. But nevertheless, certain rules in nutrition exist for everyone. Therefore, first of all you should forget about such products:

    • salted and acidic seasonings, and also mustard and horseradish;
    • meat and fish of fatty varieties;
    • rich broths and soups;
    • baking;
    • radish, onion and garlic;
    • sour fruit and berries;
    • wheat;
    • alcohol and drinks containing it.

    These products cause fermentation in the intestines, exacerbate pain, promote swelling. You should switch to such products:

    • puree from vegetables( cauliflower, pumpkin, broccoli, carrots and zucchini);
    • veal, chicken, rabbit;
    • transparent broths of fish, vegetables or meat with the addition of cereals, zucchini, carrots or potatoes;
    • bread and baked goods only dried;
    • sweet fruit and berries;
    • compotes, teas, coffee( natural);
    • casserole and porridge.

    This product range is aimed at reducing pain and stabilizing the bowels. In addition, strict food regimen should be observed. There are cooked meals in small portions and thoroughly chewed, try not to eat after seven o'clock in the evening, so as not to overload the intestines and cause a new attack.

    Treatment with exacerbation with the help of the

    diet During the peptic ulcer exacerbation, the diet is treated according to Table №4.This table is aimed at excluding products that cause fermentation or even putrefaction in the intestine. The diet contains a small amount of calories due to the rejection of carbohydrates and fats.

    Due to the fact that, with such a dietary system, all the necessary nutrients are not supplied to the patient's diet, it takes no more than 5 days to "sit" on it. Food should be served warm and grated.

    You can eat homemade croutons, clear soups, rabbit meat, chicken, turkey meat, lean fish, buckwheat porridge, porridge( ground).From desserts you can jelly, homemade jams and jelly.

    The ban should be placed on fried foods, smoked products, soup with pasta, eggs in any form, dairy products, spices, sweets and sauces.

    During an exacerbation the nutrients are very poorly absorbed. Therefore, you need to eat often and in small portions. Also, you need to consume more protein-containing food( due to a violation of protein metabolism), while reducing the level of water consumed.

    Do not follow the diet for a long time, because it only reduces pain and is not able to restore metabolic processes in the body. Take a look at the interesting videos below: