Tablets "Elavia" for weight loss: is it really possible to throw off excess weight with the help of these tablets

  • Tablets "Elavia" for weight loss: is it really possible to throw off excess weight with the help of these tablets

    Of course, it is very attractive - to lose weight, doing nothing - you drink yourself tablets, and you can further absorb sweets and harmful foods with kilograms. ..

    However, you should know that any dietary supplements will not help you lose weight "just because" they just satiatethe body with the necessary trace elements, remove excess fluid and slags, regulate the amount of carbohydrates consumed, helping them to digest, but they will not remove the accumulated fat!

    All allegedly "positive" reviews about such tools on the Internet - often custom-made. Already too smooth and enthusiastic they are written! But the negative - all the same - "did not help."Therefore, before drinking something that you heard "somewhere" and from "someone", ask for advice from a familiar doctor who you trust.

    Tablets "Elavia" for weight loss

    Here's what the manufacturer says about this drug:

    Slimming remedy "Elavia" exists in several versions, and they are designed all at different times, but the goal is one - weight loss. However, the manufacturer does not hide that directly this dietary supplement does not affect the appetite or fat reduction, it simply regulates lipid metabolism, removes harmful substances, helps to transfer the diet more easily, improves the work of the stomach and intestines.

    Well, plus the positive effect of plant components.

    The note states that these dietary supplements should be used in conjunction with a low-calorie diet, which in itself should already cause certain conjectures and suspicions. That is, it turns out that in the end you need not only to start taking pills, but also to switch to a balanced diet, which, without tablets, will help in improving well-being, at least.

    If you are advertising a "completely new drug for weight loss", then it is most likely either some old, proven method, or regular dietary supplements that will not give any stunning results, except for self-hypnosis.

    Someone who can really lose weight through exercise, will not lose weight from pills. It just needs will power and a good incentive. And if a person is disturbed by a metabolism or other disease, because of which there is excess weight, then the pills especially will not help. To begin with, you need to eliminate the problem - a disease, and then lose weight. Otherwise, even harmless dietary supplements on the grass can do harm.

    Reviews on tablets

    What do people say on forums about this? See for yourself:


    "I did not lose weight at Elavia at all. I just wasted my money, I'm sorry. "


    "I drank tablets for losing weight" Elavia "2 months, as indicated in the recommendations, just because I immediately bought the entire course. Because by the end of the first month it became clear that there would be no effect. I gave money to the pharmacy, that's it.
    For all 2 months dropped 1.5 kg, but this is also a diet. On a diet and without tablets I would lose weight. Especially, not the numbers to give such money for it, and after the first course it is recommended the second, even for the same amount, supposedly to "fix the effect."The effect of which - a half kilograms? Well, no, I do not get caught like this again. "


    "It's a pity that I realized late that tablets will not help to remove weight, and I spent so much time, money and hopes on it. Now no pills. And I can observe a diet without them! I'm not experimenting with myself anymore. "


    "I wondered if it was really possible to lose weight with the help of diet pills, so I asked the pharmacist what to advise. And they have this "Elavia" in the most prominent place, it is advised, apparently, paid well.
    I have nothing to lose, I bought these supplements, just everything that there is in the lineup. Honestly - I drank all that there is advised. The diet that they recommend. .. well, I've observed it once, yes. I can not say that these tablets helped me not to break into tasty things.
    In short, yes, in the first couple of months 2.5 kg was gone. And then another 1 kg. But, sorry, there are all kinds of express diets, exercises, jogging, which in a little time will give great results! So I personally found this experiment failed. "

    Slender with intelligence!

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