• Harm to cosmetics and fashion

    Advertising cosmetics does not come off the TV screens, printed in magazines, billboards are installed everywhere, where the look will not fall. Billions invested in the fact that we bought everything and immediately, without thinking, without discussing, behave like rats with the sounds of a magic flute. Such a psychological reaction is necessary for producers, but do we need it? No, this behavior is not just stupid, but also irresponsible, first of all in relation to yourself, your health.

    Willy-nilly, under such an information press, many have the impression that without cosmetics, perfumes, ornaments, they will not be attractive, so it is vitally important to buy as much as possible, be sure to try all the novelties, watch and keep up, otherwise life will be wasted.

    This behavior is a classic consumer psychosis that, in pursuit of beauty( or what we are inspired to do under the guise of beauty) actually leads to sad results. For example, allergy doctors have the term "golden" allergies.

    In the light of what has just been said above, anyone can appreciate the bad habit, which has been ingrained in the widest masses of the people from the century, and which fiercely takes place among women, we mean the tint of the eyes, or rather, of what surrounds them. Truly, there is no such nonsense, which sooner or later will not become fashionable, and becoming it, would not raise itself to the degree of bad habit. That simple truth that fashion comes and goes, and bad habits remain, is confirmed by the sad vitality of the absurd female custom to tint the eyes. Meanwhile, in itself, tinting the eyes is completely useless, because it does not achieve its goal - to give beauty to the woman who does not have it, but only emphasizes its ugliness, which occurs as a result of female excesses in the bad. These dyeing works are not only completely useless, but they are also damagingly harmful, since various harmful substances, which usually enter into the composition of stain potions, disrupt the normal functions of the skin of the eyelids, as a result of which premature wrinkles appear on it, and in the eyes, especiallyoften occurs, if the make-up is not washed off for the night( sometimes it happens!), cause irritation of their shell.

    Every woman, having gained the necessary courage and being full of common sense, must decide for herself once and for all: is it really necessary for her to fail her eyes? After all, too often this is done without any real need and only as a tribute to custom, for physical features are often incomparably more attractive than anything that is drawn in their place. At least that's how it always looks in the eyes of a person with unspoiled taste, and we yogis, in this matter, like in many others, call for simplicity and closeness with Nature.

    If, nevertheless, the need exists for a woman to have eyes, then she does it very moderately, sparingly, limited to a few strokes. After removing the makeup before going to bed, you need to lubricate the skin of the eyelids with a fat cream or vegetable oil.

    As for the occasionally emerging fashion at all pluck your eyebrows, and even eyelashes, this perversion, as it seems to us, does not need any comments at all. Let each woman simply ask herself what were the intentions of Nature here and whether or not to disfigure her beautiful work. The answer can not be unequivocal and firm.