How to take calcium and magnesium, the best drugs containing calcium

  • How to take calcium and magnesium, the best drugs containing calcium

    Calcium is a very important microelement in the human body, an insufficient amount of which leads to sad consequences: fragility of bones, teeth, nails and brittle hair. It is necessary that this element is always in sufficient quantity in the human body.

    The most amazing thing is that before the age of 33 this mineral has the property of accumulating in the body, and after that it is necessary to include in the diet more calcium-rich foods: cheese, milk, kefir and many others. It happens that this is not always enough to maintain the right level of calcium in the body.

    Not everyone knows how to take calcium and magnesium. After all, it is very important not only to eat a pill, but also to ensure its digestibility by 100%.

    What time is it better to take calcium?

    The general opinion about when to take calcium is better. Some doctors recommend drinking it in the afternoon, others think that the best time is an evening. In many ways, the time of taking depends on the additional elements included in the preparation. Experts agree that it is more reasonable to divide the daily dose into two or three doses.

    It is important to know that calcium is not recommended for taking on an empty stomach. This micronutrient is better to drink after a certain time after eating or while eating.

    How to take calcium

    To get calcium better, you need to know how to take calcium preparations correctly. It should be washed with a lot of water - about one glass. To better assimilate calcium, the body needs vitamin D and magnesium. The most effective are drugs in which there is calcium, and vitamin D or magnesium at the same time.

    In pure form to drink a calcium preparation, doctors are not recommended, since it has the property of depositing in the kidneys, in which stones can then form. It is better to use this microelement in vitamin-mineral complexes or simply together with vitamin D.

    It is also possible to easily combine calcium intake with the use of butter, liver, egg yolk, fish oil, mackerel, salmon, herring. The human body is able to produce vitamin D itself under the influence of direct sunlight or in a solarium. It is possible to drink vitamin D in the form of a dragee in addition to calcium. These methods will make taking the drug the most effective.

    Form of the drug and its dosage

    There are three forms of the calcium preparation: regular tablets, pop pills and chewing. The most effective are effervescent tablets, because they have the most calcium, and it is absorbed more quickly. Chewable tablets are more convenient, since they are pleasant to taste, and you can take them anywhere and anytime.

    The dosage for certain diseases is usually prescribed by a doctor. The main thing is to share the drug several times. For example, to prevent osteoporosis, 400 IU( international units) dosage is prescribed for adults, and for adults up to 800 IU.However, for people who have an increased workload( athletes) or pregnant women, the calcium dose may be increased to 1500 IU.

    Contraindications for calcium intake

    It should be remembered that calcium preparations can not be drunk to all people. For example, with caution appoint it to patients with urolithiasis or kidney failure.

    There have been cases when calcium intake caused constipation, abdominal pain and swelling, and nausea. And some tablets are so large that it is problematic even to swallow.

    Remember that calcium should be taken with caution and only on the advice of a doctor. Indeed, the excess of absolutely any vitamins and minerals in the human body leads to sad consequences, not inferior to their lack.

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