• Makeup Secrets

    Choose a shade of powder is always the one that is closer to your natural complexion. Pale skin refreshes a light pink effect. If the skin is dark, it is better to choose a body-yellow shade. In skin prone to reddening, it is necessary to abandon all shades of pink and use shades of ivory, bones, natural beige color, and beige tones with a golden hue. For tanned skin: try to emphasize the natural tan with the help of warm golden tones.

    For evening make-up, you should choose a tone for one nuance lighter than usual. Powder should be the same color or one tone lighter makeup. Older women, especially blonde, go darker colors of powder.

    The basic tone of the makeup should match the natural color of the skin. The border of the transition of the tone to the neck should not be noticeable. On the neck the tone is not superimposed. After applying makeup, the face is slightly dusted and blush is applied.

    White color of clothes requires application of brighter cosmetics: ┬╗lilac lipstick and corresponding nail polish, purple, bright blue and pink eye shadow, turquoise color for eyelashes.

    Mascara on the eyelashes of will hold better, and eyelashes will look longer and fluffy if you previously paint them in a hairdresser. Always have napkins, a brush for eyelashes, an applicator and tweezers for curling your eyelashes.

    Eye color should be considered when choosing a dye for eyebrows and eyelashes. Brown eyes are spectacular in the frame of black or brown eyelashes, for green - the color of bronze is good, for blue - dark ocher.

    With strong evening lighting, shades may be brighter: for blue eyelashes - blue paint, for brown - green.

    After the paint has dried, the eyelashes are combed with a brush to separate one hair from the other. Stitched eyelashes look ugly.

    Eyebrows of are painted with short dashes in the direction of hair growth. Do not paint them with one thick line.

    With the help of blush( makeup), you can give the desired shape to an oval face. So, if your cheekbones protrude, blush is applied only to the sunken part of the face. A round face will appear thinner if you apply a blush from the temple on the cheekbones to the nose. If the face is too thin or oblong, it is better to apply blush on the cheeks, but closer to the temples, and not to the nose.

    If you have a nose with a hump, apply a shadow powder on it to a darker tone than the main color.

    The double chin can be optically reduced by applying a darker powder to this place.

    The face becomes more attractive when shadows of are applied to the upper eyelid. The intensity of coloring towards the temples gradually decreases. An additional tone( a little) can be applied from the fold of the eyelid to the line of eyebrows.

    Very light colors of eye shadow( light blue, light green) optically reduce eyes. These shadows look unnatural, especially in daylight, - they are best placed under the eyebrows to make the eyes look bigger.

    Shadows that merge with the main eye color do not always emphasize it.

    Bright shades should be used only in the evening. And in the afternoon soft colors are recommended: gray, oil-green, beige-brown.

    If you have small eyelids, do not use shiny and pearly shadows.

    How do I apply a shadow?

    If you have deep-set eyes, apply the selected shadows to the entire upper eyelid and the outer corner of the lower eyelid. Pound them with a brush "moving it towards the eyebrows;

    If you have swollen eyelids, put a shadow on the inner part of the upper eyelid and in the corner of the eye - in the form of a triangle.

    And how to adjust the lip shape?

    If you have very thin lips, use a pencil of natural lip color to make it as natural as possible to change their outlines. Then apply the lipstick of the desired color.

    Thin lips need to be painted just below the line of the lower lip and just above the upper line - this visually enlarges the mouth. Full lips are not completely colored to achieve the opposite effect.

    If the lower lip is more complete, sketch it with lipstick one or two shades lighter than the one depicted by the upper lip.

    If your lips are very wide, put on their middle a lipstick of a darker color, which should go smoothly to the lighter toward the lip edges. If the mouth is small, lips paint from edge to edge. It is good to circle the lipstick around the edges, this will give the lip line a clearness, emphasize the shape of the mouth.

    If you have a wide nose, then emphasize the upper undulating line of the lips. When the round face is more expressive make the upper lip, with oblong - emphasize the lower lip.

    For lipstick to hold better, the mouth needs to be slightly powdered and painted again.

    It is better to use a fresh, greasy lipstick - it fits well on the lips, keeps them soft and elastic, revitalizes the face.

    Lipstick color should be selected depending on the complexion, eyes, hair. Blondes go pink, brunettes - a darker tone. For the evening, a brighter lipstick is suitable.

    It is useful to lubricate the lips with sunflower oil, petroleum jelly before going to bed.