Vitamins with iron: what to drink when there is a shortage of this substance

  • Vitamins with iron: what to drink when there is a shortage of this substance

    Iron is an important mineral element that the body needs to produce hemoglobin, the pigment of blood produced in red blood cells. Lack of iron leads to a decrease in the level of hemoglobin, which carries a lack of such a function of blood, as transport of oxygen. In an organism iron gets together with meal, it is soaked up in a duodenal gut.

    The body needs iron during development, pregnancy, loss of blood during menstruation in women. And this means that the trace element of iron should be in the diet of any person every day.

    All hematopoiesis is impossible without iron. Almost half of this element is a part of red blood cells, a quarter of it is involved in the process of forming the coloring matter of muscles, in another quarter of the microelement it remains in the liver and spleen just for necessity.

    Vitamins containing iron

    For the treatment and prevention of iron deficiency anemia, doctors advise vitamins with iron. These drugs are dibasic and tribasic iron. For proper absorption, a sufficient amount of hydrochloric acid in the stomach is needed to dissolve the vitamins taken. And with secretory deficiency of the stomach, iron is prescribed together with hydrochloric acid. Preparations with iron are taken orally as tablets or intravenously.

    Vitamins containing iron are more in food products, such as: liver, yolk, quail eggs, red cabbage, beets, tomatoes, pumpkin, legumes, hazelnuts, seeds. Products with high iron content include fruit( pear, pomegranate, fig, melon, quince, persimmon, dog rose, strawberry, apricot, dried apricots, apples and mountain ash), mushrooms, cereals( buckwheat, oatmeal).Of products of animal origin, iron is assimilated by 20%, and of fruits, vegetables and cereals, only 5%.

    When iron deficiency, vitamins and preparations must be combined with the intake of vitamin E, C and trace element copper. Especially it is necessary for pregnant women, people who have suffered great blood loss and for children in the period of growth.

    Only a doctor during a consultation can determine what to drink with a lack of iron preparations. Basically, these are mineral complexes that contain balanced minerals: vitamins A, E, B, C, folic acid, zinc, calcium, iodine, copper and, of course, iron. Such a complex is excellent for the prevention and treatment of anemia and complete strengthening of the body. Admission of one tablet a day with food, duration of use - month

    Symptoms of iron deficiency in the body

    About the lack of iron in the body, the following symptoms say:

    1. Attention violation
    2. Frequent viral diseases
    3. Tiredness, which has a chronic stage.
    4. Fast fatigue
    5. Rapid decrease in appetite
    6. Frequent shortness of breath
    7. Fragile hair and nails
    8. Pale face
    9. Bowel disturbance
    10. Skin flaking.
    11. Blood supply disorder.

    If prior consultation of a specialist is observed most of the symptoms, it is worth considering about what vitamins contain iron and start taking them yourself. These drugs include: Sorbifer, Alphabet, Durules, Fennules, Tardiferon and many others.