Vitamins for women's health and beauty, which are necessary at different ages

  • Vitamins for women's health and beauty, which are necessary at different ages

    At any age, a woman watches her beauty and her health. Vitamins for women's health are mainly designed to reduce the likelihood of getting cancer, to increase the chances of getting pregnant and endure a child, to control the endocrine system.

    Unfortunately, with age, the body of the fair sex does not completely absorb the incoming useful elements. After 35 years, vitamins and minerals are not so well absorbed into the blood, calcium begins to wash out, which leads to the appearance of osteoporosis. Due to the lack of an element, the menstrual cycle and other hormonal processes fail.

    Vitamins for the health of a girl are very important during pregnancy planning, during gestation and in the postpartum period. After all, they can make up for the shortage of nutrients. The most important for young ladies are vitamins of group B.

    The list and quantity of necessary vitamins for beauty and health depends on the age of the lady.

    Girls under 35 years old need the most vitamins:

    E - the activator of the endocrine system and the sex glands, the assistant in carrying the child, responsible for the youth and elasticity of the skin, the stimulator of brain activity and the defender of cardiovascular diseases;can be obtained from flax, beef liver, eggs, pumpkin seeds;

    B9 - helps to develop the nervous system and brain of the unborn child, is an essential element for nursing and pregnant women;is found in broccoli, cod liver, cottage cheese, legumes, spinach, asparagus;

    В3 - affects metabolism, reduces cholesterol, activates cell growth and division, improves liver function and myocardial contraction;in pregnant women it is excreted with milk, and in all the others it is synthesized in the intestine;can be found in dairy products, yeast beer, liver;

    В6 - processes amino acids;this substance is contained in tissues and cells, it dissolves very easily in water and is quickly excreted from the body;It is necessary to use it only together with other elements, otherwise it will not be properly mastered;with a lack of B6 people are exposed to stress and insomnia;is found in fruits and vegetables, doctors recommend eating more of these foods.

    Women from 35 to 45 years due to the restructuring of the body will benefit from vitamins:

    A - improves vision, strengthens bones and hair, improves skin condition, slows down aging, accelerates the production of "proteins of youth," increases immunity;eat in butter, red caviar, fatty fish, in cream, in orange fruits and vegetables;It is not recommended to abuse this vitamin, since it has a toxic effect;

    C - a source of collagen formation, a strengthening of the walls of blood vessels, a "checker" of complexion, a fighter with colds;is found in rose hips, sweet pepper, parsley, sea buckthorn, black currant;

    B12 - protects against excess fat liver, helps to assimilate vitamin C, participates in the formation of bone tissue, reduces tension, struggles with apathy;eat in fish, meat, soy, spinach, hops, sea kale;for vegetarians, cyanocobalamin is needed, as there is little vitamin B12 in plant foods.

    After 45 years, the female body is susceptible to many diseases, so it needs vitamins:

    D - maintains the beauty of the skin, it can retain moisture and give elasticity, helps absorb calcium, eases the menopause, protects against osteoporosis;is found in oranges, oily fish, egg yolks;

    K - strengthens bones, teeth, hair, helps stop bleeding, improves blood coagulability;can be found in beans, olives, spinach, broccoli, pepper;with a lack of vitamin K, bruises appear under the eyes;

    F - improves lipid metabolism and skin regeneration, eliminates excess cholesterol, helps blood circulation, activates the absorption of fats, nourishes the hair and skin;eat in corn, olive and vegetable oils, in avocados, in fish oil.

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