Divination by marriage on the hand, on Tarot cards

  • Divination by marriage on the hand, on Tarot cards

    From an early age, girls dream of finding love and getting married. And I so want to know who will be the only one, and when this long-awaited event takes place. And in this you will help guessing for marriage on the arm.

    Divination by hand

    For prediction, you should carefully consider the lines that are on the right hand on the edge of the palm, near the hill of Mercury, in simple terms, near the little finger. How many lines there are, so many marriages or deep cordial attachments will be at their owner. The deeper and longer the line, the more serious the feeling.

    In addition, you can find out how early marriage will be: the closer the line to the heart line, the sooner, and the closer to the little finger, the later will be the marriage.

    If the lines in this part of the palm are missing, this does not mean that a person will not be married, but he can be built on calculation, not on cordial affection.

    Divination by marriage on the cards

    With the help of fortune telling on the cards, the girls can find out what their betrothed will be like, how their relationship will develop, whether there will be a wedding. You can also ask such questions: after what time should we expect the offer of the hand and heart, how long the marriage will last, how strong the feelings of the lover.

    And, of course, the most interesting and detailed are divination by marriage with the help of tarot cards. To do this, take a deck of tarot cards with senior lasso. Carefully shuffle it and ask the question that interests you. Then, one after another, draw out nine cards and lay them in front of you. When deciphering, remember that there is a certain sequence in which the cats should be opened.

    The card, which was pulled first, will show that the guessing person thinks about himself, secret thoughts, in which he does not want to devote to others.

    The second card in the account displays the opinion that others have about the fortune-teller.

    The third card is a mapping of the relationships that will form in the future family.

    Card number four describes your future soul mate, appearance, character, partner's attitude to you and his life position.

    The fifth card is a card of the meeting, it will show where and under what circumstances you will meet your soul mate.

    The card you pulled the sixth indicates the requirements that must be met in order for a meeting with your future husband to take place.

    The seventh tarot card will answer the question about corruption, crown of celibacy or other magical influences that prevent you from marrying.

    In the eighth map you will read the advice.

    The ninth card will tell you how much the relationship and the wedding with the person you are thinking of are possible. Can you get married.

    If you made a guess at a certain time interval, when there is a wedding, and you did not receive an answer in the previous card, you can draw the last tenth card in which you will get the final answer.

    At what age will you marry

    For divination by the age at which you get married, take a pack of cards of 52 pieces. If the girl guesses, then she chooses a lady tambourine if the woman is a lady of worms.

    Shuffle the deck and set aside 20 cards. If your cards are caught in these cards, then you will be married in this year. If your card is not here, then find it in the remaining deck and replace it with any of the 20 cards in the hand, then shuffle again.

    Place the cards in five rows of 4 cards in each. If your card is in the first row, then the wedding will take place within 2-3 years, in the second - in a few years, in the third - the marriage will take place soon, in the fourth - you will make an offer, but the wedding will not take place, if in the fifth - then yoursthe hopes for marriage are very weak.

    Even if you have a bad situation, do not take it as a sentence, because everything in life depends not on cards and fortune-telling, but on the person and his actions and the desire to change himself. Video selection