Divination to the name of the future husband on the cards and fortune telling in the name of the suitor according to the book

  • Divination to the name of the future husband on the cards and fortune telling in the name of the suitor according to the book

    Since ancient times, predictions have occupied an important place in the life of mankind. From global predictions concerning many people at the same time, to simple everyday fortune-telling - everything is aimed at finding out what the future is preparing for. Curiosity is a great power.

    And for young girls fortune telling has always been a popular entertainment, and the most favorite of them is fortune telling to the name of the future husband.

    What they do not come up with to quickly open the veil of secrecy and find out what is the name of this one: they go to the Christmas Eve for the gate to ask the name of the passers-by, and they listen to the murmur of the pouring water, and guess at cards, and guess the name from books and much more. In this article, we will look at the technique of some fortune telling, so that you can also try to find out the name of your second half with their help.

    Divination on cards in the name of the groom

    Here is one of the simplest layouts for ordinary playing cards. The deck of cards should be "guessed" or new, but not played. From the deck, four kings are selected, and each name is given a random order, the cards are arranged in a row.

    The rest of the deck is shuffled and placed in a row under the kings one at a time, the guessing ends when one of the kings does not have an ace of worms, which means love and understanding. This will be your fiance.

    Another simple guessing on cards in the name of the groom. A deck of 36 cards is stacked in a horizontal row upward with shirts, there are as many cards in the row as there are letters in the name of the person being envisioned.

    When all the cards are spread out, take the rightmost stack and lay one on the other stacks. Next, take the pile on which the last card was placed, and lay it out on the others and do so until one pile is left.

    Then take this stack and one turn and lay aside those cards that have matched in pairs. Now we need to consider these pairs. They will show you the attitude of the person you are thinking of, and what future awaits you with him.

    So, if the pair of sixes has coincided, maybe you will go on a long journey.

    A pair of sevens portends a date and a romantic relationship.

    A pair of eights foretells conversations.

    A pair of nines predicts that a young man feels sympathy for you.

    A couple of dozen say that you are interested, but do not be deceived by this.

    A pair of jacks - you are busy with all his thoughts.

    A couple of ladies - his heart is not free, and he does not interest you.

    A pair of kings means that he likes your character and way of thinking.

    And if you fall a pair of aces - rejoice, you are loved.

    Divination by the book in the name of the groom

    The name of your betrothed can be found from the book. The most elementary way is to take a book of names and, opening at random, to poke a finger, regardless of the book, to any name - this will be the name of your chosen one. Although, of course, such guessing is highly doubtful.

    There is a way of guessing with a book when the book opens on a page whose number corresponds to the number of your birth and look at the first letter printed on this page, it will be the first letter in the initials of the groom. Next page open with the number corresponding to your birth month, also find the first letter, this will be the second letter in the initials of the future husband. The third letter of the initials is found on the page of the book with the number corresponding to the number of your father's birth.

    Guessing a name with the help of the pendulum

    For divination, you need to make a pendulum made of natural materials( metal objects, a magnet, a bead made of natural material), it is attached to a thin, strong, also natural thread. An alphabet is written on the sheet of Whatman. Then we hold a pendulum above the letters, but so that the hand does not tremble. Above which letter the pendulum will begin to rotate actively, with such a letter the name of the groom will begin.

    You can use another option for guessing. Write on the sheet of paper all the male names that you remember or that you like, as you like, and also use the pendulum to determine the name.

    Here were some simple ways of guessing in the name of a suitor. They do not require special training and knowledge, technically simple, they can easily be carried at home by any girl. And to believe them or not, this is your right.

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