Gemini: characteristic of the sign of the zodiac, a brief description of male twins, twin women and twin girls

  • Gemini: characteristic of the sign of the zodiac, a brief description of male twins, twin women and twin girls

    Gemini. Their element - Air, control planet - Mercury. In this sign, as if live two different people. Watching the character of a man born under the sign of Gemini is quite an interesting activity. They quickly change their decisions and manners, work and even residence. Twins are not only quick, but, oddly enough, graceful with this.

    Do not try to convince Gemini of something. If we give an evaluation of this sign of the zodiac, then we can say that they are intelligent, have sufficiently diverse interests, have the ability to easily get out of any situation.

    Duality is their main secret, therefore they constantly surprise. Twins can do several things at once, and the forces spend much less on this than other signs. Punctuality does not differ.

    Which profession to choose

    Most often Twins succeed in management, intermediary services, exchange operations, trade. They successfully create trading networks, organize distribution in business, are good distributors, dealers. They also excel in the intellectual sphere, from which good reporters and journalists come.

    Representatives of this sign are striving for knowledge, they have a thirst and the ability to learn. Inventive, they often have a talent for writing, out of them come out uncommon critics.

    Twins do not like to be attached to one person or place, they really love trips, frequent changes. Money attracts them not particularly, but because they are an indicator of freedom and power, the need for them is present.


    Speaking about the characteristics of men born under the sign of twins, one can say one thing - an eternal, irrepressible teenager. They love adventure and travel, they are constantly attracted by change. For a twin it is very important that no one tries to tame it, any attempts are rigidly rejected.

    Twin men are easily addicted to the new business of nature, they are so immersed in it that they are sometimes ready to change the circle of communication to a new one, one that fits in the interests. Such men are very charming, that's why they are often favorites of the public, they are quite sociable, nice people. At the same time, they are rather hidden in nature, they do not like to "turn inside out the soul".

    Twin women

    Women got a twist from the twins. They are mysterious, fascinating, seductive and charming. The characteristics of women born under this sign are different from others. Such women are very easy to get along with other people, friendships are quickly fastened, but they will not allow themselves to look into their souls to such people.

    They want to be loved by everyone, although they themselves do not like everyone. Reflexes and flair help them quickly make the right decisions. But organization is not about them. They can not finish the business from beginning to end, it causes panic.

    Twin women are very emotional, they do not have one job, one lover, one girlfriend. Such women are often considered prudent, but they are, on the contrary, good-natured and soft, guided by reason, not emotions.

    A young twin girl is an excellent friend, her character is kind and flexible, she is able to support conversation on any topic, which is why she easily and naturally converges with new people. General characteristics: cheerful, has a cheerful disposition, initiative, quite active, always will help the shoulder of others and never give up in trouble.

    Brief characteristics of twins: nervous, easy and changeable temperament. Among the negative traits of their character, lightheadedness, volatility, talkativeness and recklessness can be singled out. They are prone to diseases of the nervous system and the psyche. Positive features: curiosity, good imagination, honesty and benevolence, observation and mobility.

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