Vegetarianism: the pros and cons, raw food, the essence of this food

  • Vegetarianism: the pros and cons, raw food, the essence of this food

    Vegetarianism is not just a special food, but a way of life, a way of thinking and worldview. Vegetarianism comes for various reasons. Someone switched to vegetarian food in order to lose weight, someone to improve health, someone because of love of animals, someone has religious beliefs.

    No matter what paths lead you to the fate of such food, the essence of vegetarianism is one - vegetarians on the table will never have animal food, food from an innocent slaughtered animal. Although this food is right and the pluses of vegetarianism are difficult to underestimate, because all the food you eat will be without animal fats, but any medal has two sides. There are pluses and minuses of vegetarianism, about which you will learn very soon.

    The main advantages

    1. The lack of animal fats in plant foods excludes the appearance of excess cholesterol in the body, and accordingly there will be no diseases of the heart and blood vessels;

    2. Vegetable food contains a lot of fiber, which has a beneficial effect on the digestive system of the body;

    3. Croups and legumes contain a lot of carbohydrates, which are better absorbed by the human body;

    4. Also in legumes and seeds a lot of useful protein;

    5. Without eating meat, vegetarians are protected from intestinal parasites and toxins contained in meat;

    6. Vegetarians rarely have diseases such as atherosclerosis, arthritis, arthrosis, hypertension;

    7. Vegetable food contains a lot of vitamin C, it strengthens the immune system;

    8. On such nutrition the excess weight is perfectly discharged.

    Vegetarianism minuses

    1. Despite the fact that the vegetable protein is present in the diet, our body still needs animal protein, too, we, too, belong to the genus of mammals;

    2. Rigid vegetarian diet is almost not recommended for pregnant and lactating women;

    3. Often vegetarians have anemia due to lack of iron in the blood;

    4. Also, in the body of a vegetarian, omega-3 acids, which are contained in seafood, do not enter;

    5. As for a large amount of fiber, an excess of it can lead to poor protein digestibility, which also has a negative effect on the body;

    6. There is a lack of zinc and potassium;

    7. Vitamin B12 also does not receive enough body, it must be supplemented additionally;

    8. All of the above should also be added and the fact that such food is not really too cheap, because it should be varied and meals a day up to 6-8 times, that is, the products are absorbed more than the usual for all meals.

    Today there are about 800 million vegetarians. And they all stick to one thing: they do not eat meat, fish and poultry. The essence of vegetarianism is one - do not kill animals. Although vegetarianism differs in itself in different directions. There are vegetarians who strictly adhere to plant foods, exclude even eggs and milk. These are vegans. Among them there is a vegetarian-raw-food diet, that is, all foods are consumed in food without heat treatment. There are vegetarians who include eggs and milk in the diet or one of two. By the way, it is the ovo-lacto-vegetarianism that can compensate for certain shortcomings of purely vegetarian nutrition, and such nutrition does not badly harm pregnant women and children. In any case, these are people who live by their own internal rules, and they feel very comfortable, even despite the presence of deficiencies in nutrition and vitamins.

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