5 products that can not be eaten: food harmful to the figure and for human health

  • 5 products that can not be eaten: food harmful to the figure and for human health

    The beauty, health and youth of a person depend on a whole range of factors affecting his life. And one of the most significant and important is nutrition. After all, if you eat wrong, poor quality products that contain harmful additives, premature aging begins.

    Young people develop diseases that usually occur in the elderly( atherosclerosis, strokes, heart attacks and others), obesity appears. In this article, we will identify 5 products that can not be eaten, and which must be permanently excluded from the diet, in order to somehow help our body to preserve youth and health longer.

    Why harmful products are so delicious

    Modern industry produces food, focusing mainly on the cheap cost, long period of storage, the saturation of the taste, which causes the desire to purchase again these products. And all these components combine a variety of artificial chemical additives: stabilizers, colorants, flavor enhancers, corragenans, increasing the mass and volume of products.

    And, unfortunately, naturalness and utility is not a priority for many manufacturers. All these components, in essence, are food garbage, and a person turns into a dump for this garbage.

    So, let's select the list and consider five products that can not be eaten, although in fact there are many more. They are not located here in terms of the degree of harmfulness, since all are harmful together and individually.

    1. Fast food, chips, croutons, vermicelli and instant soups.

    2. Carbonated drinks.

    3. Mayonnaise and various ready-made sauces.

    4. Smoked products.

    5. Alcohol.

    Products listed at number one on the list contain a huge number of trans fats that raise the level of cholesterol in the blood, cause atherosclerosis, in addition, they disrupt metabolic processes in the body, creating the prerequisites for the development of obesity.

    In addition, a lot of artificial flavors are added here, creating the illusion of taste of mushrooms, cheese, bacon and others. They have an extremely negative effect, primarily on the digestive system, causing gastritis, ulcers, various disorders. In addition, they can cause the strongest allergies.

    Therefore, think carefully before using these foods that are harmful to human health, especially for children.

    Let's proceed to the next group of products - carbonated drinks. They are harmful to humans, both in terms of rapid gaining excess weight, and for the health of the body as a whole. Let us dwell on the harm to health.

    Carbonated beverages, in addition to various concerts, dyes and flavoring additives, usually contain a sweetener such as aspartame. It is 200 times sweeter than sugar and has no smell, no color. Aspartame during decomposition in the human body forms methanol - a very toxic substance.

    Methanol destroying acts on the nervous and vascular system, and also provokes oncological diseases. Aspartame is a part of not only sweet drinks, but also various sweets, chocolate, and other sweets, and in fact the main consumers of this product are children.

    Products harmful to the figure are number three on our list, and it's mayonnaise, regardless of the fat content. Mayonnaise is a very high-calorie product, and people who consume it regularly and in large quantities, to one degree or another, are overweight. No wonder there is such a term as "mayonnaise type obesity".

    In addition, despite the assurances of many manufacturers in the naturalness of their products, this raises great doubts, after looking at the shelf life - up to 180 days. What kind of natural products are stored such a period, and if stored, then what are the preservatives?

    The fourth group of delicious and harmful to humans products is smoked products( meat, sausages, fish).The main danger to human health is not the products themselves, although the sausage conversation is special, but the way they are cooked.

    Very few now smoked products that would have been smoked with natural wood smoke - it's expensive and long. Manufacturers mainly use so-called "liquid smoke".But this substance is a very strong carcinogen, which primarily causes various inflammations of the gastrointestinal tract.

    The last product on our list is alcoholic beverages. Despite the assurances of the producers in the great health benefits of red wine, for example, remember that alcohol, in whatever form, is the same. It destroys the nervous system, kills the liver, negatively affects the functioning of the kidneys, adversely affects the development of the fetus located in the womb and so on.

    Is it worth talking about beer lovers with their huge "beer belly"?Alcohol - is "useless" carbohydrates, which are deposited in the form of internal fat. And also beer contains phytoestrogens, which are analogous to female hormones, they cause changes in men for a female type, for example, growth of mammary glands.

    Summing up all of the above, we can advise you to give up 5 products that poison your body or, at least, limit their consumption.



    "Yes, it's a sad picture, but it's not realistic to give up beer!"


    "So now there's nothing you can do!"


    "Ludmila, why, you can. Just replace the sausage with natural, self-cooked meat. Instead of soda, juice, etc. »


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