Shiitake mushrooms: useful properties, composition, field of application

  • Shiitake mushrooms: useful properties, composition, field of application

    Shiitake mushrooms: useful properties of wood fungus and its application in medicine and cosmetology.

    Shiitake mushrooms are known to people for almost 2 thousand years. In the east, this mushroom is considered a symbol of longevity due to its high content of medicinal and nutritional properties.

    In nature, shiitake grows in trees. Especially they are common in Asian countries. To taste wood mushroom is not very different from ordinary fungi.

    Shiitake mushrooms, useful properties that help in the treatment of many diseases, are grown in special greenhouses in different countries.

    Useful properties of

    Based on shiitake mushrooms, many drugs are produced.

    Useful properties of the fungus:

    • Stimulation of the immune system. Due to complex carbohydrates, which are contained in wood fungi, the human immune system works in a coordinated manner. Researches of scientists have proved, that the polysaccharides contained in mushrooms, perfectly cope with tumoral diseases at animals. Unlike drugs that specifically target the focus of the disease, the curative substances shiitake strengthen immunity, so that the body itself cope with the disease.
    • Lowering of cholesterol. A very useful substance, erythadenine, contained in a wood fungus, significantly lowers cholesterol. The proof of this was the study carried out in Japan at the beginning of the 21st century. A little later, scientists determined the time limit for eating shiitake to cause a decrease in cholesterol. It turned out that daily weekly eating of wood fungus can reduce cholesterol by 12%.
    • Fighting cancer. In woody mushrooms, the lentinan substance was found, which increases the resistance of the organism to various tumors. Studies were carried out only on animals, for humans this polysaccharide is used as a prophylaxis for oncological diseases.
    • Powerful antioxidant. At the beginning of the new century, L-ergothionein, an antioxidant, was found in shiitake mushrooms, capable of purifying the human body of free radicals. This natural antioxidant is very rare in food, but in the wood fungus its concentration is the highest.
    • Dietary product. Shiitake mushrooms at the expense of a very low calorie content - only 34 calories( raw), great for a diet menu. Most of the calories are found in dried mushrooms.
    • Cosmetic. As a cosmetic, shiitake mushrooms have been used since ancient times. The extract of wood mushrooms smoothes wrinkles and makes the skin supple. Therefore, on the supermarket shelves, you can find a lot of creams and lotions, which contain a shiitake extract. The composition of mushrooms also includes kojic acid, which actively fights skin pigmentation. Given the homeland of Shiitake, it is not surprising that Asian women look much younger than their peers from other countries.

    Shiitake Harm

    Useful properties of wood fungus have found wide application in medicine, cooking and even cosmetology. The exceptional benefits of a unique fungus have been proven more than once.

    But the benefit and harm of shiitake mushrooms go side by side, like any other product. But still, shiitake - quite harmless mushrooms, unlike their fellow men. Wood fungi are not recommended for consumption by pregnant and lactating women, as well as people who have a respiratory system.

    There is another category of people - it's allergies, which also should not be used by shiitake. The main danger of wood fungi is the too high concentration of active substances. Therefore, even healthy people should carefully use mushrooms, most importantly, do not eat too large portions.

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