Cream from vascular asterisks on the legs: reviews, which cream best removes the asterisks

  • Cream from vascular asterisks on the legs: reviews, which cream best removes the asterisks

    Beautiful feet at all times sang poets and writers. And now well-groomed feet are the dream of every woman. However, with age, changes occur that are noticeable on the skin. This is the so-called "couperose", which manifests itself in the form of a vascular network. If you do not take any measures, do not treat the problem, it can worsen. But what to use: surgical intervention or enough cream from the vascular asterisks on the legs? We will deal with this issue.

    Treatment of vascular asterisks

    There are radical ways to get rid of the spider veins on the legs. These include laser therapy, microsclerotherapy and thermocoagulation. In the first case, a laser flash is applied to the affected area, as a result of which the vessels are heated and connected. The gore inside dissolves.

    With microsclerotherapy, a special substance is injected into the vessel, which smoothes its walls. And when thermocoagulation is affected by shock to the affected area.

    All of the above methods are quite expensive. In addition, these are still operations that can cause complications. Laser therapy, microsclerotherapy and thermocoagulation have a number of contraindications: cardiovascular and endocrine diseases, pregnancy and lactation, allergies.

    To the softer and painless procedures for getting rid of vascular asterisks include the use of a variety of creams and ointments, wearing compression linen and special curative gymnastics, massage.

    Types of cream from vascular sprockets on the legs

    All ointments, creams and gels help only in the initial stages of the disease, when the vascular asterisks just appeared. Consider the most popular and effective products.

    "Troxevasin" gel removes swelling and pain in the legs, as well as makes a stronger vascular wall, activates microcirculation, prevents trophic disturbances in the vessels.

    Venoruton gel. The active substance in it is troxerutin, which helps to reduce the permeability of blood vessels, protects them from destruction and expansion, and also dissolves the formed thrombi.

    "Sofya" is a venotonic cream for the feet. This preparation contains natural remedies - horse chestnut extract, dog rose, chamomile, horsetail, birch, etc. All these substances strengthen the wall of blood vessels. Apply the cream two to three times a day for five weeks.

    "Doctor Wen" - foot cream containing leech extract - Piyavit, which removes the caked blood inside the vessel, makes it durable.

    Avon Anew Clinical product contains both a medicinal component( bisabolol) and plant extracts( licorice nude, rosemary, bearberry).


    Consider reviews on a variety of means from the vascular asterisks on the legs.

    Alesya, 20 years old:

    "The problem of a vascular reticulum only began to arise. I bought a cream "Horse Chestnut" in the pharmacy. I used it in the morning and in the evening. Within a month the redness was gone. I continue to put on my feet. "

    Larissa, 38 years old:

    "In addition to the vascular network, I have varicose veins on my legs. Has bought or purchased "Lyoton gel".He is doing very well with the weight in his legs, but the net became less noticeable. "

    Marina, 25 years old:

    "I did not buy the product haphazardly, but I analyzed the information on the Internet about what kind of cream the vascular sprouts on my legs remove. Most positive reviews and recommendations of doctors are given to creams containing leech extract and horse chestnut. I found a tool where there are these two components - a gel-balm, which is called "Horse Chestnut with an extract of leech for the feet."
    After a month of use, the results became visible. And do not need any laser - the right way of life, healthy diet, moderate exercise and this gel! ยป

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