Can I have sushi for pregnant women and what are they dangerous for health?

  • Can I have sushi for pregnant women and what are they dangerous for health?

    A few years ago, for us, Japanese cuisine seemed wild and an eerie set of products, the combination of which was rather strange to the taste. At the present time, very few people have tried all kinds of sushi, rolls, wasabi and yaki soba.

    The League of Rollers grows every year, we are so used to sushi bars and Japanese restaurants that even women who are preparing to become a mother and who carefully monitor their diet for the health of the future baby, the question arises: can I eat sushi during pregnancy? So we can not abandon them even for a while.

    Can I have sushi for pregnant women? Let's figure it out.

    This dish is prepared from frozen, raw, smoked, etc.fish and seafood. An indispensable component is rice. Served with various sauces and dressings. Sauces in them play not only the role of an additional flavor filler, but also as an antibacterial agent, i.e.kill all germs.

    If you are thinking about whether you can eat sushi during pregnancy, remember that raw fish can be infected with microorganisms and worms, which you now can bring a lot of trouble. It is worth noting that the fish is still allergic and it is not necessary to overeat it.

    Another problem may be constipation from side effects of rice. Pregnant women, who are already suffering with this problem, it is better not to choose dishes with rice, since you only aggravate the situation.

    On the question of whether it is possible to eat sushi during pregnancy, you can answer this: if you really want to eat this dish, eat, just do not forget about the measure. If you still decide, it's worth thinking about where to buy and what they should be cooked from.

    Ideal when you are making sushi on your own at home, but if you still do not know how to cook them( and the cooking technique is very important), go to the place where they are cooked by professionals.

    Pay attention to the room, do not trust dirty eateries, go to a nice restaurant where they will prepare the dish in your sight. Choose a fish that was previously frozen, boiled or smoked, as pathogens die during processing.

    So, you can eat sushi during pregnancy, only you need to carefully monitor what they are made of and how, as the microorganisms contained in the fish can harm you. It is not necessary to give up fish and seafood. If you are not a supporter of sushi, you can get all the useful vitamins by frying fish in a frying pan or steaming.

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