Diet Kim Protasov: recipes for Kim Protasov dishes and a sample diet menu

  • Diet Kim Protasov: recipes for Kim Protasov dishes and a sample diet menu

    Diet Kim Protasov: recipes, tips on nutrition during a diet and the correct transition to a normal diet

    Sometimes, to "sit out" in a special mode, there is simply a list of products or an approximate menu. But for this long-term diet, recipes for Kim Protasov are simply necessary.

    Simple recipes for "brawling"

    Kim Protasov's diet recipes for the first 14 days:

    1. A sharp salad. Raw raw mashed beets mixed with chopped garlic and 50 grams of low-fat kefir.
    2. Dessert carrot. Grate the raw carrots with yoghurt and cinnamon. Apple dessert. Dice the whole apple sprinkle with cinnamon and pour with yogurt.
    3. Okroshka. Cucumber, a few pieces of radish, boiled egg and greens chop and mix with yogurt.
    4. Vegetable salad. Take two medium cucumbers and a tomato and a bunch of greens, chopped into small pieces. Mix with a few spoons of yogurt.
    5. Cheese of own preparation. Half a large cottage cheese mix with a glass of milk and boil over a small fire for about 20 minutes. Strain, allow to cool slightly and mix with egg and aromatic spices. Put on a slow fire for a couple of minutes. Stuffed cucumbers. Cut the cucumbers, remove the seeds. The inside of the vegetable is chopped and combined with greens, pieces of garlic and cottage cheese. The resulting mash stuff half of the cucumber.
    6. Salad with egg pancake. Beat the beaten egg without oil, cool a bit and roll into a tube, cut. Cut a couple of tomatoes and one sweet pepper. Mix all the crushed ingredients with yoghurt.
    7. Sushi is special. Make a pancake from one egg. Wash a couple of leaves of algae. For each leaf to lay on half a pancake, and on top to spread a mixture of cottage cheese, garlic and greens. Cut the leaves and cut them.
    8. Stuffed tomatoes. Cut the hats off each tomato and extract the contents. Prepare minced meat from boiled egg, greens, sweet pepper and cottage cheese. Put the mixture inside all tomatoes.

    Recipes for 3 and following weeks:

    1. Original chicken salad. A small dry piece of the bird cut into cubes and mix with nuts, sour cream, green onions and a handful of pomegranate seeds.
    2. The softest meatballs.300 gr.calf tenderloin, part of the zucchini and chop the whole onion. Smash the egg in the mixture and pour the flavorful seasonings, stir. Form miniature balls and place on a baking sheet. Bake until fragrant smells appear.
    3. Grapefruit salad. Cut the pulp of grapefruit and pineapple into small pieces, mix with any fresh berries and yogurt.

    Approximate ration for the day

    The approximate diet menu is very diverse and can be supplemented or completely changed at its discretion by equivalent products.

    1. Start the day with a glass of water, unsweetened coffee, a small plate of natural low-fat cottage cheese and one Bulgarian pepper.
    2. Later you can have a bite with a boiled egg and a medium-sized unsweetened apple.
    3. To dine it is recommended to salad from your favorite vegetables, sprinkled with yoghurt, and sprinkled with sea salt. You can eat a small piece of cheese.
    4. You can take an apple and a bit of yogurt for a snack.
    5. For dinner, you can prepare a vegetable soup filled with any sour-milk product.

    Ending the diet

    To properly consolidate the result, you need to correctly exit the limited power supply . The exit from the Protasov diet can last up to 5 weeks.

    Little by little you need to replace apples with other fruits. Sometimes you can eat porridge in the mornings, and after two weeks it is recommended to replace half of the milk with seafood or meat. For 5 weeks out of the diet, you can start eating as in the old days, but avoiding large portions.

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