Rash on the abdomen during pregnancy: causes of rash

  • Rash on the abdomen during pregnancy: causes of rash

    Pregnancy is one of the most exciting periods in the life of every woman, at this time in the body of a woman there are a variety of processes and changes. Some changes even frighten future mothers, because initially it's scary to think about what happened, especially when the symptoms are completely unpleasant and cause moral and physical discomfort. A rash on the abdomen during pregnancy occurs in many women. In this article, we will consider all possible causes of rash, what to do if it occurs, and how it can be prevented.

    Reasons for the formation of rash

    • Dermatosis. It is worth noting that dermatosis in some cases is a consequence of pregnancy. Because of the hormonal changes in the body of a pregnant woman, it can happen different, including a rash on the face and in the abdomen. All individually, so some rash remains exclusively on the stomach, others can appear on the hands or on the legs. As a rule, the rash is manifested in the third trimester. But after childbirth it passes.
    • Allergy. An allergy can occur in any pregnant woman, even if before that the allergy did not bother. The organism of a pregnant woman is subject to various changes, hence the conclusion that it is necessary to take with all responsibility everything that you do, what you use and what you eat. The most famous allergens: food, cosmetics, clothing, plants, animals.
    • Sweat. One of the dangerous periods when there is a sweating is the summer season. On hot days sweating increases, and a bandage or synthetic clothes will only exacerbate the situation. Therefore, in the summer you can not neglect the shower in the morning and in the evening.
    • Infections. It is possible that during pregnancy, you picked up scabies, so you can not and exclude infectious diseases in the form of a rash on the stomach. If it turns out that it is scabies, expect the spread of the rash all over the body. Therefore, if you are wondering "Why the body itches and develops a rash during pregnancy," - immediately seek medical advice!
    • Incorrect work of internal organs. During the growth of the baby, especially in the last months of pregnancy, the load on the body of a woman increases, which creates disturbances in the work of the body. It is possible that the liver or gall bladder makes itself felt. Or the kid because of his movements squeezes your internal organs, which is also quite possible.   

    What to do if there is a rash and itching

    Whatever the cause of the rash, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Only an experienced specialist will be able to determine the true cause of the rash and prescribe the appropriate treatment. To engage in self-medication in such a critical period is not worth it, so as not to harm even more to yourself and the baby.

    Prevention of rash

    To prevent the appearance of a rash, accompanied by an unpleasant itching, you need to remember simple tips. In a hot period, observe hygiene, wash in the morning and evening, so that the skin is clean. Do not wear a bandage all day, especially during the summer. The best method will be to put on a bandage cotton T-shirts. Observe the right food: do not drink coffee, strong tea and juices. It is also better to exclude fried and smoked food from the diet, but there are more vegetables and fruits. It is better to drink water, fruit drinks and compotes from natural berries. Wear only natural fabrics that will breathe. Often the rash appears because of the cream from the stretch marks, in this case it will be correct to change the cream. If you follow the rules, rashes can be avoided and you will not feel unpleasant emotions that will be transmitted to the baby.