Kinds of psychological help, psychotherapy as a kind of psychological help

  • Kinds of psychological help, psychotherapy as a kind of psychological help

    Psychological help is the field of application of psychology in practice, which can increase the social and psychological competence of people and help one person or group of people in difficult life situations. This is working with people, which is aimed at eliminating various psychological problems, such as difficulties in interpersonal relationships and deep personal problems.

    If for a long time you can not solve your internal problems, then a qualified specialist will always provide psychological assistance. What are the main types of psychological assistance?

    Types of psychological assistance

    1. Psychoprophylaxis. The essence of psycho-prophylaxis is to prevent psychological and psychogenic diseases. The goal: the formation of a correct understanding of the work of psychologists and psychological help.
    2. Psychological education. The task is to save people from fear of going to a psychologist.
    3. Psychological counseling. The psychologist should help the client in solving the problem, without giving any advice. After the session, the client must independently decide on his or her problem.

    4. Psychotherapy. They resort to it, if it is necessary to solve more serious problems. In psychotherapy, there are a large number of directions classified according to various characteristics. There is clinical and non-clinical psychotherapy.
    5. Psychiatry. This type of psychological care is referred to clinical medicine. People who come to a psychiatrist are not clients, but patients. The doctor may prescribe medication to the patient.
    6. Psychocorrection. The essence is to restore the norms regarding personal traits and emotional state.
    7. Psychological training. It is a collection of special exercises. It is used to provide immediate psychological assistance for diagnosis.

    Forms of psychological help

    Psychotherapy exists as a kind of psychological help. Modern psychotherapy has a variety of approaches and ways of providing assistance. In order to understand everything, we need to systematize them using the basic criteria.
    1. Directive psychotherapy. In this therapy, the doctor is an indisputable authority for the patient. He knows what the patient needs. This method includes hypnotic and okologipnoticheskie techniques that are designed to "give the correct installation" and thus contribute to the patient's adaptation to the society.

    Questions concerning the inner world of a person and personal history are not taken into account.
    2. Behavioral psychotherapy. The doctor does not investigate the personality of a person, but his behavior. The psychologist is looking for ways to influence the behavior of the patient. He can punish( cause some emotional inconvenience) or encourage the patient. With the help of these two methods, the therapist adapts the person to the world around him.
    3. Rational psychotherapy. The therapist uses the method of explanation. The doctor helps the patient to understand the irrational ideas that contribute to suffering, and influences the formation of a correct perception of the world around him.
    4. Deep psychotherapy. It includes psychoanalysis and analytical psychology. The central concept of deep psychotherapy is the unconscious. After the emergence of deep psychology, a look at man and psychological help have undergone radical changes.

    Why not need to be afraid to go to a psychologist

    Psychology is based on ethical principles, through which the specialist will never cross. They are characterized by the well-known phrase "do no harm".Types and forms of psychological help can be called harmless, but they not only help, but also prevent the emergence of serious problems. There is nothing shameful in addressing for help to a psychologist.

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