How to get out of the comfort zone - comfort zone

  • How to get out of the comfort zone - comfort zone

    We are all different, we have our own ideas about happiness. Someone dreams to make happy the whole of mankind, someone - to acquire a mansion on the ocean shore, someone quite enough of a tiny house on 6 acres. The only thing that unites us is that we are striving for personal comfort, but we are putting our own ideas into this concept. Each person fills his own comfort zone with familiar templates. It includes material objects, connections with people, organization of leisure. The physical level of comfort of our shelter does not always correspond to generally accepted ideas, but we feel safe and secure in it. So why are they urging us to give up the suffering peace, contentment with ourselves and the warm world around us? Why is the question so persistently: how to get out of the comfort zone? Why leave a quiet and cozy place where we are protected from the outside world?

    Comfort zone - quiet creek or rotten swamp

    Silent comfort creek

    Outside, there is much acute, unfair, even cruel. There, we were not judged on merit. Success went to others, although we are more beautiful, smarter, more capable. So it is difficult to recognize that our life's failures largely depend on the fact that we are afraid to look out of our shelter, risk the few that we have, lose control over what is happening and confidence in the future. But those who came to success, also risked and feared, made mistakes and filled cones. Without breaking out of the comfort zone, you can not change your life for the better. Even more, staying in it does not provide stability, but gradually leads to destruction, regression, deterioration of the quality of life. Here is a paradox.

    For a long time in the comfort zone you can almost lose the ability to navigate in a rapidly changing life. There is a fear of everything external, an aversion to any changes that can break the established equilibrium. The longer the stay in this state lasts, the more difficult it is to change the situation.

    New people and hobbies

    Many new life teachers and self-styled gurus know exactly how to start a new active and successful band of their lives. In this case, the comfort zone is often seen as something unambiguously negative, harmful. In their councils there is not even one rational grain, but full bins. Right now it is necessary to get up and start acting, and everything will turn out.

    For some, these councils are effective, but most likely, these people would have managed without them, they needed only a breather. A zone of comfort to people is necessary, as a place where you can relax, gain strength before the new road. A healthy strong person easily enters it and leaves with little effort after some time to develop further. The process of development for active people can bring pleasure. A sufficient incentive to leave the comfort zone can be curiosity, interest, practical benefit, and the process itself is a certain pleasure. Even for them, a long stay in the comfort zone can turn into a stop in development and degradation of the person.

    Spread the boundaries of the comfort zone, look out for them

    The first step of

    The recognition of everything, recognizing the need for change, recognizes the need for change, but not everyone is ready to pay for it. The person, unsure of himself, experiences an acute discomfort, internal discord and fear. People often know how to get out of the comfort zone, but they do not dare leave it even for a while - the price seems too high. In this case, it is not worthwhile to force yourself to leave your shelter, and it is unlikely that you will succeed.

    Motorbike ride

    First it is better to try to expand the boundaries of your shelter, carefully introduce additional components into the familiar circle. For example, make new acquaintances, read books of an unusual genre, try to learn a foreign language or put on clothes in a completely different style. Learn to find pleasure in experiencing this new sensations. Return to the comfort zone when you need to regain strength and balance. Note that gradually new components fit organically into your circle, expanding it. Analyze what changed your actions, what positive they brought and can bring in the future. What else can be done to make life more interesting, brighter. Do not expect global change. Our life consists of small things, do not neglect them.

    Try to find, in the first place, interest in development. He will help overcome uncertainty, laziness, fear. And decide for yourself what you need it for, how it will change your life, what is ahead of you. And let the comfort zone remain, you do not need to leave it forever. Everyone needs a quiet backwater when you want to stop and look around before moving on. The main thing is not to stay in it forever.