Can pregnant women take baths: what do doctors say about this?

  • Can pregnant women take baths: what do doctors say about this?

    Many future mothers are asking themselves an important question: can pregnant women take baths and showers? The answer to this question is not so difficult. It's enough just to think about it.

    Definitely, you can not take hot baths. They can provoke miscarriage, especially in women with weak uterine musculature and various pathologies of pregnancy. The optimal water temperature in the bath for a pregnant woman should not exceed 36-37 degrees.

    Once doctors believed that bathing in the bath can cause the mother to enter the body of various microbes from dirty water. Now medicine knows that this is not the case, and doctors have a different opinion on whether it is possible to take baths for future mothers.

    Yes, you can, but only warm and short. This is about home conditions and hygiene.

    In addition, at present, there are many courses on aqua aerobics classes, where pregnant perform a number of useful exercises that affect the muscle tone, training the respiratory system in preparation for childbirth.

    However, occupations in the pool have a number of significant drawbacks: chlorinated water, which can cause an allergic reaction. If water is not chlorinated, there is a danger of an infectious disease transmitted by contact.

    Thinking about whether a pregnant woman can take a bath, let's not forget that taking a bath, you can trite and fall down. Therefore, at the bottom of the bath you must lay a non-slip mat. It is good to add various aromatic additives to the water.

    But in this case it is necessary to be careful. You can not add to the water thyme, rosemary, basil, cypress, cedar, patchouli.

    Remember that a warm bath with aromatic additives acts soothingly on the body of a tired woman. The main thing is to be cautious, take into account the suggested recommendations and always consult a gynecologist who observes pregnancy.

    Can I bathe in pregnant women?

    Do not forbid swimming during pregnancy in the sea, the lake or the river, as well as doing aqua aerobics in the pool. Mucous plug, which is formed at the beginning of pregnancy, reliably protects the uterus from the penetration of water, and hence infections and pathogens.

    In open water swimming is prohibited only in case of threat of miscarriage, since swimming is associated with physical exertion, as well as immediately before childbirth, when the mucous plug has already passed.

    Do not experiment if there is a suspicion of leakage of amniotic fluid. Otherwise, a pregnant woman can enjoy water procedures without restrictions and at her own discretion.

    On the question of whether pregnant women can lie in the bathroom or swim in the sea, you can answer in the affirmative. Moreover, the bath during pregnancy can have a positive effect on the condition of the mother, calm nerves and relieve pain in the back or legs. However, you should always remember some of the simple rules outlined above, and take care of yourself and the future baby.

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