What are contractions at birth, how long they last and how painful they are

  • What are contractions at birth, how long they last and how painful they are

    Every woman who gives birth knows that when labor comes, contractions appear. But for those who have not yet experienced this, it is not entirely clear what the contractions are at delivery.

    Doctors pay much attention to the behavior of a pregnant woman during the appearance of fights, and this is understandable: it all depends on the outcome of the case.

    How to explain to a woman who becomes a mother for the first time, what are contractions? In general, this is an involuntary contraction of the uterus, which indicates the onset of labor. It lasts a couple of minutes and is accompanied by painful sensations, which intensify.

    At the beginning of the bout weak, short, last a few seconds, and the gap between them is ten to twelve minutes.

    It happens that the bouts immediately begin every five to six minutes, but not very strong. Over time, fights are becoming more intense, more painful. The primiparous mothers of the struggle last ten to twelve hours, the reproductive six to eight hours.

    Each woman experiences fights in different ways, the sensations of each are absolutely individual. Some first tremors are felt in the lumbar region, then in the abdomen, then these tremors become shrouded. Also, drawing pains can occur in the uterus itself, but not in the lumbar region. Painful sensations in battles are just as different.

    Many contractions are almost painless. But the most important thing is that you should not be afraid of contractions.the body itself at this time gives anesthetic substances. In addition, pain can be minimized by the methods of relaxation and proper breathing, as well as by medication, but they should be used in extreme cases, becausethey also affect the baby.

    It should be noted that during this period the mucous plug that protects the fetus from infection can go away. However, the cork can begin to depart and a few days before the birth of labor. It should be remembered that if the cork goes away a few weeks before the scheduled date of the baby's appearance and blood can be found in it, it is better to immediately go to the hospital.

    During the appearance of fights, a fetal bladder can burst, this is quite normal. But if this occurs before the fights, you need to see a doctor immediately. An alarm signal can be the fact that the time between contractions varies constantly, and the pain is very strong.

    Not everyone knows about fights of a false character. But this is the natural preparation of the woman in labor for prenatal fights. In order for them to stop, the pregnant woman needs to relax, you can take a shower and think about something beautiful.

    Do not be afraid of contractions, because these fears can have a bad service in the period of labor. You need to learn how to relax and follow all the doctor's recommendations. Proper breathing and lack of panic make it easier to process.

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