Why do not childbirth occur, what is dangerous is the transference of the period for the child, how to cause childbirth

  • Why do not childbirth occur, what is dangerous is the transference of the period for the child, how to cause childbirth

    Here it is - the long expected date of birth, marked with a red pencil in your calendar, and generic activity does not begin. That's already passed this day, and one more, and more, and birth does not begin. The future mother is already in a panic. What to do in this situation? Why does not delivery come?

    Causes of delay in delivery of

    Pregnancy lasts 40 weeks after the last menstrual period. Deviations from this period for two weeks in one or the other direction are considered the norm. And what if two weeks have passed after the appointed date? What is the reason, why does not labor begin?

    First, you need to understand if you are really moving. The fact is that when determining the duration of pregnancy, very often mothers simply do not remember the term of the last menstruation, and therefore the date of birth is assigned incorrectly.

    In gynecology there is such a thing as prolonged pregnancy. Such pregnancy ends with childbirth with a delay in the term, but no negative consequences for the child are found.

    When a pregnant child is born, the child is born with signs of overripe.

    What is dangerous is the delay of childbirth for a child

    With a delayed pregnancy, a child may suffer from hypoxia, he will not have enough oxygen. An extended child can greatly complicate childbirth, since the bones of the skull are not as soft as those of children born on time.

    A pregnant mother can also feel a future pregnancy. It can lose weight, the volume of the abdomen may decrease, the milk begins to emanate from the breast, and not colostrum.

    It is therefore very important to consult a doctor on the date of delivery and the reasons for their delay.

    How to give birth

    If you have already completed 41 weeks of pregnancy and doctors have decided that by all indicators you are ready for childbirth, then the activity begins to stimulate. For this, there are special drugs that affect the contractility of the uterus.

    Without medical supervision with a delayed pregnancy can not do. Only special studies can show the condition of the fetus and accurately determine the duration of pregnancy and how to perform labor.

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