Watermelon: useful properties and contraindications, vitamins contained in watermelon, early fruits and nitrates

  • Watermelon: useful properties and contraindications, vitamins contained in watermelon, early fruits and nitrates

    Recently, watermelons represent a danger to human health. And so people are increasingly thinking about the benefits of watermelon can be, what harm and benefit of watermelon? Berry has become harmful to health, as it is often improperly grown and stored. Because of people's desire to cash in on this berry, it was turned from a dietary pure product into a source of harm containing nitrates.

    They are added in order that early watermelons( and all the rest) grow faster and gain more weight. Harmful substances accumulate in the pulp( this is because of moisture and lack of sunlight) and in this state are not particularly dangerous. But when they get into the stomach, they become nitrites, which can cause not only poisoning, but also provoke cancer. This substance leads to a lack of oxygen in the tissue.

    Useful properties and contraindications for watermelons

    But in general, watermelon is very useful and tasty. The main thing is to choose it correctly when buying, and then to observe the storage conditions. For those who doubt and are tormented by the question: "What is the use of watermelon for the body?", Below are the vitamins that make up its composition.

    The berries contain antioxidants, vitamins and minerals: A, C, E, PP and B vitamins, thiamine, ascorbic acid, carotene, riboflavin, lycopene and niacin. Vitamins contained in watermelon, normalize vision, resist the appearance of cancer cells and strengthen the immune system. Folic acid is involved in the structure of DNA and is responsible for the development of the body. Also, it is useful for a diuretic effect, due to this, slags leave the kidneys, salt does not form.

    Magnesium improves the functioning of the nervous system and muscles, and also helps to absorb vitamins and minerals. Lycopene is responsible for the red color of the berry and works as an antioxidant. Mineral salts support the water-salt balance of the body. And there is also citrulline in it - a substance that during metabolism turns into arginine, which in turn expands the blood vessels( by the way, it does not worse than Viagra).

    It also removes excess fluid, which allows you to throw a couple of kilograms. In addition, it quenches the hunger and after it there is no desire to go to refreshment. Doctors do not recommend together with watermelon to eat something at the same time, as this can cause flatulence.

    General information on the dangers and benefits of watermelon:

    • Benefit of berries is that:
      • fiber dietary fiber reduces cholesterol;
      • has a diuretic and choleretic effect( doctors recommend for pain in the kidney and bilious);
      • excretes sand from the kidneys( apply only after consultation with the doctor, the consequences without consultation are unpredictable);
      • cleanses of slag and helps in the cleavage of fats;
      • quenches your thirst with heat and fever.
    • the harm of watermelon is that:
      • if there are stones in the kidneys, they will begin to move under the influence of the diuretic effect, and this will bring terrible pain, and, as an option, they will get stuck in the duct, then medical intervention will be required;
      • has a bad effect on the body in case of colitis, diarrhea and impairment of urine outflow;
      • excessive use of this product can cause diarrhea( due to the presence of fiber in it);
      • can be nitrates that cause different effects.

    For pregnant women, this berry is useful, as for everyone, but they must first of all remember that everything should be in moderation. Useful properties and contraindications when drinking watermelon for girls waiting for a baby:

    • Benefit:
      • Vitamin B9 has a positive effect on the creation of the nervous system of the emerging little man;
      • improves digestion;
      • increases the volume of breast milk during feeding.
    • harm:
      • when overeating, there will be pain and discomfort.

    This berry is an excellent antidepressant, one eaten slice will relieve fatigue and increase mood. In hot weather, it easily cope with thirst. Juices and water with gas are not suitable even for the baits of this berry, because they contain hard-digesting sugar. This allows people with diabetes to eat a couple of slices of watermelon.

    More detailed answers to the question: "What is useful in watermelon?" You can by watching the video.