Diet with increased uric acid, which foods increase uric acid

  • Diet with increased uric acid, which foods increase uric acid

    Elevated levels of uric acid in the blood of people suffering from retirement age, often the signs are joint pain, high blood pressure, low back pain, problems with the digestive tract, fatigue.

    Uric acid is formed from the decomposition of substances called purines, and is generally useful if contained in a normal amount, but its increase entails other problems.

    It rises, mainly because of the frequent use of alcohol, fasting is not within its power, strong physical exertion, an overabundance in the diet of proteins.

    Of course, it happens that it is produced the right amount, but it is displayed poorly. Unequivocally, that to regulate the production and excretion of uric acid should properly selected and carefully observed the patient's diet.

    If you still do not want to sit on a medical diet, then know: the symptoms of increased uric acid are expressed in the inflammation of the joints, which is very painful, besides the swollen overly joints look, at times, quite scary. Have you decided? Then read further about what foods increase uric acid, and try to exclude them from your diet.

    Prohibited products

    • Offal
    • Venison
    • Rabbit
    • crabs, anchovies, shrimp
    • caviar, seafood
    • trout, herring, sardines, sprats
    • Yeast
    • Beer, kvass, any alcohol
    • Cauliflower
    • Asparagus
    • Mushrooms
    • Spinach
    • Beans
    • overabundance of sugar

    Check with the table - the less purines, the more you can eat this product.

    Approved products

    • Fruit and vegetables in large quantities
    • Minced meat
    • Berries, especially useful cherry
    • Fig
    • potatoes Bread
    • Barley
    • Oats
    • Vegetable protein( animal - cut!)
    • Low-fat dairy products, including cheese
    • No waterless than 2 liters per day

    A diet with increased uric acid also requires five meals a day and the consumption of all foods in a warm form. Try to eat as little as possible that causes the production of uric acid. In addition to the restriction on sugar, you should enter a limit on salt - 8 g.a day will be enough, but not more.

    Sample menu for each day

    The first breakfast:

    1) muesli pour a glass of milk,

    2) oatmeal cookies with a glass of kefir,

    3) curd fat with toast,

    4) semolina porridge.

    Second breakfast:

    1) a pair of fat-free yogurts,

    2) fruit salad,

    3) any fruit,

    4) sliced ​​with fritters


    1) steamed rice with vegetables, boiled chicken, cherry compote,

    2) boiledpotato with vegetable oil and a little salt, a few slices of cheese, "karkade" tea,

    3) vegetable salad with fish souffle, compote,

    4) pasta with meatballs from poultry, brier infusion.


    1) curd casserole with fruit,

    2) a glass of milk with toast,

    3) jelly with shortbread cookie,

    4) milk tea,

    syrups Dinner:

    1) carrots and squash with a frying pan,

    2) omelette with cheese and tomato,

    3) buckwheat porridge with grated carrots,

    4) milk wheat porridge,

    Remember that many health problems can be corrected with the help of therapeutic diets and observance of elementary rules. You must have enough willpower and determination to learn how to deny yourself in your favorite dishes and get used to preparing useful food.

    Try the right food, and your health will improve significantly, after a while you will notice the feeling of lightness inside that accompanies a healthy lifestyle.

    We also remember about water drinking regimen - you can calculate the amount of water that you need according to the composition and age, using special formulas, but if you do not want to or still forget it, the total recommended amount is 2 liters. Can be structured, then this figure is less - 1.5 liters. Take care of your body so that there are no failures and unpleasant consequences!

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