Can pregnant women eat honey and how to distinguish real honey from falsification?

  • Can pregnant women eat honey and how to distinguish real honey from falsification?

    Health is fragile, but for a year it's never difficult to get sick, although it happens, but with those who go in for sports and get vitamins in the right amount for immunity.

    People have long tried to use folk remedies - medicinal herbs for treatment. To date, more and more people are trying to be treated by natural means and methods.

    Ecology makes itself felt and therefore people often refuse treatment with pharmaceutical drugs, especially this applies to pregnant women.

    Can pregnant women eat honey? Honey is an excellent remedy for colds. It includes a huge amount of vitamins and trace elements. In turn, honey is one of the most powerful allergens. Proceeding from this, it is not necessary to abuse honey, it can cause allergy not only to the mother, but also to the karapuz, and to fix it for life.

    For allergic honey can be compared with orange. From some sources, you can find out that honey is able to maintain immunity and resist viruses. This product has no expiration date, only with time it becomes crystallized.

    Storage methods are normal, with no special notes, except that the container must be glass, preferably darkened.

    Is it possible to eat honey crystallized? It is possible, from this, its properties do not deteriorate. Some people eat it that way, those who love the liquid - melt it in a water bath.

    It is worth remembering that honey can not be heated above 40 degrees, after exposure above this temperature, the "healer" turns into a carcinogen, which is to some extent a poison. When choosing honey, pay attention to the place where it was harvested. It would be better to choose honey from places with an ideal ecology - it's mountains.

    Thinking about your health and whether you can eat honey during pregnancy, make your choice more carefully. If you do not collect honey yourself, then it is better to buy it from friends of proven people, since there are charlatans who dilute honey, melt without conforming to norms or feed bees with sugar. This is also not good, since in such honey "artificial" there is nothing useful, only the cost is lower.

    Refer to the articles in which the differences between "artificial" honey and natural are written, what are their differences, how not to make a mistake in the choice. And after that you can go get a treat and not be afraid for yourself and the baby.

    Than honey is useful in pregnancy

    The body of a woman undergoes many changes during pregnancy: hormonal changes, physiological and psychological changes. Such "storms" in the body of a future mother weaken its immunity, makes it quickly fatigued.

    Fast-growing fetus removes from the mother all the vitamins and minerals necessary for it. A woman becomes susceptible to seasonal colds and viruses. That is why honey during pregnancy becomes an indispensable source of replenishment of essential nutrients:

    • iron, which is part of this sweetness, will help to cope with anemia and normalize the level of hemoglobin in the blood - a frequent problem in expectant mothers. Especially shown is the use of buckwheat honey in pregnancy, in which this element is contained in large quantities;
    • this bee products includes such vitamins as C, E, PP, B1, B2, B3.Thanks to this, the protective forces of the pregnant woman will be strengthened to resist various SARS;
    • honey in the early stages of pregnancy will help to cope with one of the most unpleasant manifestations of the "interesting" situation - toxicosis. To overcome morning nausea will help only a teaspoon of honey, eaten on an empty stomach. Try also to dissolve this useful sweetness in a glass of warm water and with a couple drops of lemon juice;
    • honey will help and with the frequent delicate problem of pregnant women - constipation and bloating. This effect of this product is explained by the natural enzymes that make up it, which improves the functioning of the digestive tract;
    • warm milk with honey during pregnancy is an excellent remedy for insomnia. Such a drink calms heartburn and raises the mood.

    How to check the quality of honey

    Stir a tablespoon of honey in a glass of clean hot water. Honey without any additional impurities will completely dissolve;if you then add a little alcohol, if the solution does not get stuck, it will remain completely transparent, which means that you can congratulate yourself - you made the right choice of honey.

    There is another way to check - a drop of honey sprinkled with a pinch of starch. If starch remains on top of a yellow droplet with a white cap - honey is excellent;if this did not happen, the falsification is in front of you.

    And the last. At home, store honey in glassware in a dark place and let you always have on the table, that valuable natural product, which gives us health and pleasure.

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