Treatment of candidiasis, thrush during pregnancy with candles

  • Treatment of candidiasis, thrush during pregnancy with candles

    Thrush, or Candidiasis, is an infectious disease associated with the appearance of a Candida fungus. Most often accompanied by itching, discharge, burning.

    Despite the fact that many pregnant women often show thrush, this is not normal.

    Do not self-medicate. Candidiasis( thrush) during pregnancy is a potential danger. The fact is that with candidiasis pregnancy can occur with complications. Fungus is able to affect many organs of the fetus. Most often it is the umbilical cord, skin, mucous system. Infection occurs during childbirth, but can also occur during gestation.

    If there is an advanced stage of thrush, the consequences for the unborn fetus can be fatal. Death is not so rare if a woman completely refuses treatment.

    Therefore, the first thing you need to do when you find yourself in this infection is to pass the diagnosis. This happens by taking a smear, which is checked for the presence of the flora under a microscope.

    Form of manifestation of thrush

    Clinical thrush manifests itself in the form of secretions from the genitals of white or yellowish color, often curdled. It is also characterized by swelling of the external mucous genitalia, as well as itching and burning, which is especially worse after sexual intercourse and before menstruation.

    Very often such secretions have a specific smell, which is commonly called "fish".These are the most common symptoms of an infectious disease of thrush in most women. There can be some personal characteristics in every woman, depending on the heredity and work of the organism.

    Treatment of

    Treatment of candidiasis( thrush) during pregnancy with candles is a frequent process, therefore it is carried out by the most safe methods. So, very often use ointments "Clotrimazole" and "Miconazole" of local action.

    Candles "Pimafucin" are effective. They are non-toxic even in large doses. Netamycin, which is a part of these candles, is practically not absorbed into the body and does not enter the blood. But then later there may be side effects in the form of mild irritation, a burning sensation when using the drug.

    In order for candles Pimafucin to work, you need to put 2-3 packs. But the terms, again, are individual. Someone will have just one candle every two weeks, someone might not help at all or have a short-term effect. There are cases of deterioration after application of the drug.

    Before starting treatment, it is better to consult a doctor.

    When treating thrush, it is important to follow certain rules for successful recovery:

    • for the period of treatment, stop sexual intercourse;
    • give up serious physical exertion;
    • do not eat spicy foods;
    • from the diet exclude sweet and flour products;
    • eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, as well as sour-milk products;
    • try to drink a lot of liquid( ideal is cranberry juice);
    • 2-3 times a day, wash away with clean water, without soap;
    • avoid frequent douching;
    • abandon the fashionable "thongs", tight-fitting underwear;
    • use underwear solely made of cotton.

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