Why there is a thickening of the cervical epithelium: the causes of deicoplakia

  • Why there is a thickening of the cervical epithelium: the causes of deicoplakia

    Thickening of the epithelium of the cervix is ‚Äč‚Äčleukoplakia, the so-called disease. When translated from Greek leukoplakia - "white plaque."Upon examination, the gynecologist can see white spots on the cervix. What is caused and why the thickening of the uterine epithelium occurs?

    Leukoplakia is divided into two types.

    Simple leukoplakia

    On the cervix of the uterus superficial thickening of the epithelium is observed, which occurs due to the upper layers. The keratinization occurs precisely in the epithelium and other layers are not affected.

    Polymeric leukoplakia

    With this form of leukoplakia, an increase in the number of cells occurs and in addition, the cells formed differ in their structure from other cells of the same type. This indicates a precancerous form of the disease.

    Reasons for

    There are many causes of leukoplakia. It can be weakened immunity, infection, impaired hormonal function of the ovaries, damage to the epithelium due to trauma, or chemical attack.


    The disease is tricky and is asymptomatic. Only in some cases women turn to the gynecologist for incomprehensible secretion, and very rarely - for bloody discharge. That's why regular visits to the gynecologist are so important. A gynecologist can determine this disease at an early stage.

    Diagnosis of

    Sometimes the spots on the cervix are invisible to the naked eye. Then the colposcopy comes to the rescue. In the vagina cavity, a solution of vinegar or iodine is added, which makes it possible to color the surface and isolate the affected areas. The final diagnosis is made only after histological and cytological studies.


    The treatment method is determined only depending on the degree of the disease. If the disease is in a serious stage, then surgical intervention is recommended. A coagulation procedure is carried out, that is, cauterization with a surgical laser.

    Also treatment of cervical leukoplakia, must be accompanied by a varied and full nutrition. The diet should contain such products:

    • Butter;
    • Fish oil;
    • Sivki;
    • Curd;
    • Cheese;
    • Egg yolk;
    • Pumpkin;
    • Liver, brain, heart;
    • Squash,
    • Carrot juice and fresh carrots;Dill, parsley, green onion;
    • Seabuckthorn, mountain ash.

    All these products must be consumed with cream, sour cream or vegetable oil. Because in this way vitamins are best absorbed in the body.

    Do not self-medicate folk remedies. You can provoke active cell growth, which will lead to cervical cancer. Leukoplakia requires long-term treatment and special patience from a woman.

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