How to resist energy vampires, what to do if the husband steals energy

  • How to resist energy vampires, what to do if the husband steals energy

    It is likely that you have already dealt with an energy vampire. After all, they surround us everywhere, draw energy and strength from other people. This is due to their emotional immaturity, selfishness. It is important to know how to resist energy vampires, and to identify them before beginning close communication.

    How to identify the energy vampire

    Energy vampires often like to lead people to emotions, and they are fueled. And emotions can be both positive and negative. Being able to identify is the first step to understanding how to get rid of a vampire.

    There are different types of energy vampires:

    1. Vampires - narcissistic, narcissistic, have a great sense of their own worth.

    2. Vampires are victims who love to be pitied by everyone. They constantly complain and blame the whole world for their misfortunes.

    3. Controllers that certainly want to control you.

    4. People who constantly say something. As a rule, they do not give you a word and come very close, violating personal space.

    5. Vampires, which all, even minor, events turn into drama.

    Note the following behavior of another person:

    1. After the scandals, he, on the contrary, is cheerful and looks pleased.

    2. Constant complaints of a person.

    3. A person likes to be in the center of attention, especially in the center of scandals and conflicts.

    And now evaluate the relationship with the surrounding people. Is there a feeling of emptiness after talking to some of them? Think, are not there any people whose relationship with you tires you? Do you sincerely sympathize with other people? Do you often find yourself in a one-sided relationship? It's okay if there is an energy vampire in the family. Most likely, a person does it unconsciously.

    When encountering an energy vampire, the following symptoms may occur:

    1. Drowsiness and severe eyelids.

    2. The desire to eat carbohydrate or harmful food.

    3. Deterioration of mood.

    4. Fatigue and irritation after communication.

    5. Depression or feelings of anxiety.

    6. Self-criticism.

    How to resist the energy vampires

    The main guardianship of energy vampires is the realization of its negative power. When you see that such a person is in front of you, it is important to correctly behave yourself. How to live with an energy vampire and how to communicate with strangers?

    In this you will benefit from the following rules:

    1. In a relationship, stay calm and do not lead to a conflict.

    2. Avoid direct eye contact with the vampire.

    3. Learn to deny people.

    4. Use closed poses: crossed arms or legs.

    5. An amulet from vampires can be a pin: attach it to invisible places on clothes.

    6. If you feel unwell after contact with an energy vampire, stand near birch, pine or oak.

    If the husband is an energetic vampire, then do not panic. Help him to direct his energy in the right direction, never give in to provocation on his part and teach all household members to do the same.

    If a stranger controls you, then break such a relationship. Establish a clear boundary in them, show firmness of spirit.

    Do not take criticism from such people, sometimes it makes you in vain to dig yourself and worry.

    If possible, limit the time of communication or at all interrupt all relations with the energy vampire. If nevertheless communication can not be avoided, then perform breathing exercises: take a comfortable position, put your hand on the bottom of the abdomen. Then inhale, hold your breath, counting to three and exhale. Meditate after talking with an energetic vampire, because it is perfectly relaxing and tune in a positive way.

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