Can pregnant women go to the bath: rules for visiting a Russian bath for pregnant women

  • Can pregnant women go to the bath: rules for visiting a Russian bath for pregnant women

    Wet air, birch broom, wood smell - essential attributes of the bath. Many books are written on the healing properties of the bath."Whether it is possible for pregnant women to go to the bath" remains a frequently asked question. Do not forget that being there, blood pressure rises, so do not go to it often.

    Especially cautious is to be someone who often suffers from hypertension. Also, do not experiment with the first time in your life visiting a bath during pregnancy. It is worth noting that those who from childhood go there and train their own organism, will be much more resistant to pressure changes during pregnancy.

    Are you afraid for the life of the baby? Do you want to know if a pregnant woman can visit the bathhouse?"An interesting position" strengthens the burden on the heart and other internal organs. Still, you should not set the schedule yourself for bath procedures, it is better to consult a doctor with this question or to a specialist( instructor).

    The bath promotes redistribution of blood, it can negatively affect the baby, up to a miscarriage.

    Is it possible to get pregnant in a steam room? Hot air promotes the flow of blood to the skin, it is very good for her condition, and also helps to get rid of toxins.

    After the steam room it is customary to take a cold shower or jump into the snow, which causes a temperature shock in the body, but the effect is only positive.

    Nevertheless, pregnant women still should not do this, because such contrasting procedures can provoke miscarriage. If you still decided to visit sauna , should not immediately run into the steam room. Sit a little, let the skin warm up, after that you can go for a few minutes and steam.

    We strongly recommend not to visit the sauna alone, because anything can happen, because everyone has a reaction to the elevated temperature and the steam may be different.

    Rules for pregnant women in the sauna

    In order for a bath to bring a pregnant woman a benefit, you must follow certain rules during her visit.

    First you need to get permission from the leading pregnancy doctor who knows for sure whether you can go to the bath or not.

    The period of stay in the therma should not exceed 5 minutes, and after that it is necessary to drench with summer water and rest for a while in a quiet position.

    There should be several visits to the steam room for one visit, and for its own safety the temperature in the bath should not exceed +85 degrees Celsius. That's why pregnant women are recommended to go to a Russian bath with real steam.

    In the steam room itself, you should bring water or any herbal tea - chamomile tea, broth of wild rose or just green tea.

    It is necessary to comply with security measures - a cap on the hair, rubber slippers, bed sheets for covering the benches in the therma.

    Infrared saunas for pregnant women are allowed to visit only with the permission of the doctor, because their benefits for pregnant women are also confirmed, in particular, the effect on the body of elevated temperatures in such a sauna begins immediately, namely, toxins are emitted and the whole organism is purified.

    If you are still afraid of the baby's health, wait with it, go to the bath after the birth. You can swim after all, not only in the bath, but after 9 months and safe deliveries you will be able to fully enjoy your favorite hike in the steam room. Listen to your body, if you are careful, better tolerate, because a child is more important than going to the bath!

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