• How to treat hemorrhoids at home using folk remedies

    Many people, faced with such a disease as hemorrhoids, prefer to treat it at home. But not every ill person is familiar with what methods of treating hemorrhoids are now considered to be the most effective and safe. Typically, the goal of self-treatment is to relieve inflammation and irritation in the rectum and surrounding skin, as well as the removal of pain. To do this, both methods of traditional medicine and the tools offered by homeopathy are used.

    General recommendations of

    If a doctor-proctologist has given you such an unpleasant diagnosis as hemorrhoids, then you should start treatment immediately. As a rule, if the hemorrhoids are only in the first or the second stage of their development, then it can be completely cured, using exclusively conservative methods. It is quite possible complex treatment of hemorrhoids, which competently combines the reception of funds prescribed by the proctologist, and effective methods related to folk medicine.

    To ensure that the treatment of hemorrhoids at home has yielded good results, it is necessary to follow the general recommendations. First of all, it's worthwhile to establish a regular chair. To do this, the diet is recommended to introduce foods rich in dietary fiber and fiber. It can be vegetables such as beets, carrots, cauliflower. No less useful are fruits, both fresh and dried, it can be prunes, figs, apples. It is recommended to regularly consume bran, vegetable oils and cereals. It is very useful to drink juices, wrung out of fruits or vegetables. It is also necessary to try to move more, walk in the fresh air, try not to sit for long. Treatment and prevention of hemorrhoids must necessarily include compliance with all these recommendations, otherwise no national recipes will not help you.

    To treat hemorrhoids at home, it is worth sticking to all the medical recommendations. Thus, proctologists advise to exclude the use of toilet paper during the period of exacerbation. Patients are recommended to wash each time after the act of defecation. To learn how to treat hemorrhoids at home with the help of traditional medicine, you can read special literature, but all the selected methods are recommended to discuss with the proctologist.

    Propolis and hemorrhoids

    One of the most popular methods, of course, is the treatment of hemorrhoids with propolis. From this valuable product of beekeeping, you can make yourself a healing ointment. To do this, 15 grams of propolis must be crushed very well, and 85 grams of olive or sunflower oil( refined) must be brought to a boil. Then, crushed propolis is added to the boiling oil and the whole mixture is again brought to the boil. After this, the resulting mass must be well filtered through dense gauze and cool. This ointment should be applied to the hemorrhoids several times a day or applied as a compress. Depending on the severity of the condition, the treatment of hemorrhoids with this ointment can be from a couple of weeks to three months.

    Sea buckthorn oil will help cope with the disease

    Often carried out treatment of hemorrhoids sea buckthorn oil, which has long been known for its anti-inflammatory and decongestant properties. For example, you can make a compress with natural sea-buckthorn oil. For its preparation, a clean gauze swab should be well soaked in oil and applied to the area of ​​the anus for an hour. The compress is applied five times a day, while the patient should be in a prone position. To accelerate recovery, you can do a compress for the whole night. You can lubricate the skin around the anus and the hemorrhoids with sea buckthorn oil.

    Purity of Hemorrhoids

    This plant is used to make medicinal lotions. To do this, dried and crushed grass in the amount of one tablespoon and a half teaspoon of tea pot infusion is mixed, transferred to a bank and covered with a lid. Insist this mass for three days in a dark and cool place. Then this mixture is carefully filtered and make lotions for the area of ​​the anus, preferably overnight.

    You can take celandine and inside, for this two teaspoons of very finely chopped herbs pour a glass of steep boiling water and allow to brew for about eight hours. The resulting infusion should be taken one quarter cup before meals four times a day. The course should be continued until the symptoms disappear completely. The course of treatment celandine should be agreed with the doctor - for some diseases this medicinal plant is contraindicated.

    Cold against the disease

    Often self-treatment of hemorrhoids includes mandatory use of ice. It makes candles that are inserted into the anus. Treatment of hemorrhoids with ice can also be used to get rid of external hemorrhoids. To do this, a piece of ice should be wrapped in a clean gauze and attach to the area of ​​the anus. If you do not have ice at your fingertips, you can simply moisten the clean gauze with cold water and attach it to the anus.

    Treatment of raw potatoes

    Traditional recipes for hemorrhoid treatment include the use of conventional raw potatoes. To make a candle from potatoes, it is necessary to wash and peel the tuber from the peel. Then you need to cut out a candle from potatoes, which in its size and shape completely corresponds to the standard rectal candles. The resulting piece of potatoes must be inserted into the anus, where it can be located before the act of defecation. After the candle comes out with the calves, the patient must insert a new one, also made from the same root crop.

    Treatment of hemorrhoids with homeopathy

    Homeopathy is an effective way to permanently get rid of unpleasant hemorrhoid symptoms. In addition, these drugs are safe enough, unlike many of the methods offered by folk medicine. For example, treatment of this disease with hydrogen peroxide can lead to negative consequences.

    Only a homeopathic doctor can choose a specific medicine, which the patient can consult in any homeopathic pharmacy. As a rule, Capsicum Annum is used to combat itching. And in order to cope with hemorrhoids in the last stages, it is recommended to apply Acidum muriatikum.

    In the event that a patient feels heavy in the anus, he may be prescribed a medicine called Aloe Sokotrin. And in the event that the disease is accompanied by severe bleeding, a homeopathic remedy called Hamamelis Virginica or hamamelis virgin will help. In any case, the selection of a homeopathic remedy is a serious process, requiring an individual approach to each patient without exception.

    In the event that the patient and his relatives decided to treat hemorrhoids at home, then before starting this difficult process it is necessary to consult an experienced proctologist. After all, if you simply mindlessly try various methods, practically putting on experiments, you can end up with complications, which will not be easy to cure.

    Sometimes hemorrhoids are already in a state of neglect when folk methods are no longer effective. If a qualified proctologist advises more radical methods, perhaps a patient should listen to him. After all, the goal of treating this disease is one for both the patient and the doctor - this is getting rid of hemorrhoids and preventing the development of complications.

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