• How is kinesitherapy performed on Bubnovsky

    Kinesitherapy according to Bubnovsky is a new and unique direction in the treatment of diseases of the joints and spine. This method is based on motion therapy, which defines the concept of "kinesitherapy."

    It involves the implementation of a certain set of exercises that reveal the reserve capacity of the body for healing without the use of chemicals and radical surgical interventions.

    Exercises are conducted on a special type of simulators, which differ from the usual ones. And designed specifically for this purpose. Bubnovsky used technologies for their creation based on the principles of decompression and antigravity.

    For each patient individually, a selection of exercises is offered, which eventually help to cope with the disease without causing a pressure increase and without fatiguing a person. When they are performed, there is no excessive muscle tension.

    Before starting classes, it should be remembered that for different people the same exercises can provide invaluable help, or cause harm. Therefore, you should not select them yourself, it should only be done by a specialist.

    The positive aspects of using the

    method The system proposed by Bubnovsky has many adherents for the following reasons:

    1. It is developed on the basis of the experience of the doctor himself, who personally helped his body recover from the accident and avoid disability.
    2. It helps both for the prevention of disease and for treatment at any stage of the pathological condition.
    3. The system is constantly improving and progressing, taking into account the previous mistakes. Constantly developing new movements.
    4. Many who have already used this technique have written positive reviews, which can be read on the forums on the Internet.
    5. Exercises can be performed by almost all people, regardless of age category and level of physical fitness.
    6. Several books have been published, in which a technique is described in simple and accessible language. Therefore, such activities became available to a wide range of people.

    Result of kinesitherapy

    After such exercises the patient receives the following results:

    • pain relief;
    • improvement of tissue trophism in the affected area;
    • restoration of mobility in a diseased joint or segment of the spine;
    • strengthening of muscles and their activation;
    • improvement of general well-being and increase of working capacity.

    The principle of selection of exercises

    Kinesitherapy Dr. Bubnovsky implies not just the daily execution of the same movements. Initially, the patient offers a minimal complex of sparing exercises, which, as they recover, increase in number of approaches and complexity of implementation.

    In addition to the correct execution of movements, the patient must also breathe in a certain way. According to the author of this technique, this is no less important in this treatment.

    Steps for performing

    The method of kinesitherapy involves several stages of care:

    1. First, there is pain removal, relaxation of muscle spasm, and a reduction in the inflammatory process.
    2. Then exercises are carried out, which are aimed at fixing the already obtained result, restoring the normal mobility of the joints.
    3. The author pays special attention to the discipline, consistency and systematicness of the exercises.

    This method of care is designed for those patients who have intolerance or psychological rejection of medications.

    Bubnovsky argues that this method can help not only to restore the musculoskeletal system, but also with high blood pressure, bronchial asthma, insulin-dependent diabetes.

    In the center continue to develop methods of exercises to improve the condition of the back during pregnancy, weight loss in fat people, normalization of posture in children and adolescents.

    Adaptive gymnastics

    For those who did not use this technique before, it is recommended to start with adaptive exercises. They help prepare the muscles for subsequent more serious loads.

    For the correct conduct, some tips should be used:

    • sessions should only be performed on an empty stomach.
    • The time of day for execution is almost not of much importance, but it is preferable to do this in the morning or after work.
    • The total time of lessons should not take less than 20 minutes.
    • Patient should be allocated sweat when working effectively.
    • After performing, be sure to take a shower, or at least wipe yourself with a wet towel. Even more useful is the use of a contrast shower.

    For example, you can give a few exercises from the adaptive complex:

    1. Sitting on the heels, you need to raise your hands through the sides upwards, while breathing in. With an exhalation, lower your hands.
    2. You can strengthen the abdominal muscles from lying down, with bent knees, raise the body on exhalation.
    3. Spending lying on the back lifting and lowering the pelvis.
    4. Lying on his stomach to lift his legs. They should not be bent at the same time. Then do the same with the trunk.
    5. Carry out normal push-ups from the floor.
    6. In sitting position it is like the buttocks.
    7. Standing on your hands and knees to do swings with your legs forward and back.


    Bubnovsky recommends treating your body in a complex. To accelerate the results of treatment, he recommends:

    • carrying out hardening procedures in the open air.
    • Use in addition to special exercises, the usual morning exercises.
    • Night rest should only be carried out in a permanently ventilated room.
    • Useful walks on the ground barefoot.
    • You should drink at least 3 liters of water per day.
    • Very useful for health is to visit the sauna.
    • We need a complete rejection of bad habits - smoking, alcohol.
    • You should revise the diet, and go completely to a healthy diet.
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