• Chronic pharyngitis in adults: symptoms and treatment

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    Chronic pharyngitis happens as an independent disease, the cause of which is prolonged irritation of the mucous throat and larynx, and also due to the untreated acute form of the disease.

    The chronic form of pharyngitis has both acute phases and remission phases. In adults, slowly flowing inflammation of the mucosa is often exacerbated in the period of influenza and SARS, with a decrease in immunity, intoxication, stress.

    In chronic pharyngitis, a dry, debilitating cough is disturbed, which continues even after exacerbation, as well as acute susceptibility to various inflammatory diseases.

    Causes of

    The main causes of the chronic form of this disease in adults are:

    • often recurring or untreated acute pharyngitis.
    • ARVI.
    • irritation of the mucosa and respiratory tract for a long period of time with dust, chemicals, gas.
    • recurrent sinusitis, tonsillitis and glossitis.
    • relapses of nose, paranasal sinus infections.
    • other diseases of the body.
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    The chronic form is quite often a consequence of the main disease of the gastrointestinal tract - pancreatitis, gastroduodenitis, cholecystitis, reflux esophagitis. With the last disease, the contents of the stomach are ejected into the esophagus, which causes the patient to suffer and pharyngitis develops.

    Also for reasons include frequent heart disease, lung, kidney, hormonal changes, diabetes, diathesis, dental caries. Tonsillectomy - removal of palatine tonsils, alcoholism and smoking also contribute to the development of chronic pharyngitis, namely stimulate atrophic changes.

    The pharyngitis of this form also develops with complicated breathing through the nose. This is not only due to the fact that the patient begins to breathe through the mouth, but also because of the use of vasoconstrictor drops. Signs of chronic disease occur in postnasal syndrome.

    Symptoms of chronic pharyngitis in adults

    The chronic form is not characterized by an increase in temperature and a significant deterioration of the whole condition, as occurs with the usual symptoms of pharyngitis that occurs in the acute phase.

    The patient feels a sore throat, dryness, discomfort, a feeling of a lump. The shell of the mucosa turns red, there is a hoarse voice, hoarseness, stuffiness of the upper throat( the latter is not so common).Constantly there is a need to clear throat, clear your throat.

    Cough often long and dry, it does not look like a cough with bronchitis or tracheobronchitis. Because of the uncomfortable sensations in the throat, the constant need to swallow the mucus that has accumulated on the back wall, the patient feels irritated, the sleep may worsen.

    There are several types of chronic pharyngitis in adults for which the symptoms are characteristic:

    1. 1) Catarrhal. A simple form of chronicle, in which you always want to clear your throat. The patient feels dryness, discomfort, perspiration in the mouth.
    2. 2) Hypertrophic. This form of pharyngitis is determined by thickening of the lymphoid tissue, in which lymphoid protuberances are scattered in an irregular manner. Such growths during an exacerbation begin to blush and increase.
    3. 3) Atrophic. Atrophic chronic pharyngitis is observed thinning of the mucous membrane of the throat, it becomes dry and vulnerable. Also small passing vessels are visible. Quite often the throat is covered with dried mucus.

    Prevention of the disease

    Primary prevention is applied, namely:

    1. 1) Abandonment of bad habits - excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking.
    2. 2) Control of the psychoemotional state.
    3. 3) Avoiding places of congestion during epidemics of colds and flu.
    4. 4) Retention from hypothermia.
    5. 5) Minimizing the air conditioning of the room.
    6. 6) Maintaining the optimum moisture level in the apartment( about 35%).
    7. 7) Preventive irrigation of the throat with medicinal herbs as prescribed by the doctor.
    Also recommend spa treatment in areas with a warm climate. As for secondary prevention, it is necessary to avoid the transformation of the acute form of pharyngitis into a chronic one.

    How to treat chronic pharyngitis in adults

    Chronic pharyngitis and its treatment in adults is usually performed on an outpatient basis. The disease is treated well, but with constant and control therapy. It is extremely important to prevent relapse.

    In the initial period of treatment of chronic pharyngitis in adults, it is necessary to eliminate those harmful factors that initiated this disease.

    It is recommended to exclude salty, acidic, spicy, cold, hot food, alcoholic beverages, smoking. It is also necessary to exclude irritating factors: the effect of chemical compounds, gas, soot, dust.

    If there is a voice load due to the specifics of the work, it is recommended to use softening lozenges and more water. It is desirable to less strain the voice, talk, do not raise and do not strain it. It is very important to cure a disease that provokes pharyngitis.

    Treatment of chronic form begins with rinses, inhalations and injections. Local effects are very effective: the following rinses should be used:

    1. 1) Rotocan.
    2. 2) Furatsillin 2-3 tablets.to a glass of water.
    3. 3) Miramistin.
    4. 4) Salt, soda, iodine in the ratio of 1 tsp / 1 tsp./ 5 drops.
    It is recommended to boil such herbs as yarrow, sage, chamomile, calendula. To create a decoction you need 2 tbsp.spoons on a glass of boiling water.

    Reducing redness and swelling can be achieved by lubricating the posterior pharyngeal wall. It will take 3-5% solution of protargol, collargol, Lugol or silver nitrate solution. As maintenance therapy, resorption tablets are used: Lizak, Septepryl, Strepsils.

    With granulosis chronic pharyngitis, a physician can recommend galvanotherapy, cryotherapy, and laser coagulation. Granules can be cauterized with silver. Atrophic pharyngitis in adults, mucopurulent discharge is removed. Effective use of a solution of potassium, gargling with mineral water. It is also recommended that softening inhalations with apricot oil, almonds.

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