Paratonsillar abscess: symptoms and treatment, photos, causes

  • Paratonsillar abscess: symptoms and treatment, photos, causes

    Such a condition as a paratonsillar abscess occurs as a complication of angina or chronic tonsillitis.

    In this case, microbes that cause the formation of pus get into the cellulose located near the tonsils, having lacunae( grooves), reaching the capsule( it is located directly on the cellulose).

    Adipose tissue is inflamed very quickly, because it is rich in nutrients and blood vessels, thereby creating a large amount of pus.

    Causes of paratonsillar abscess

    Most often, the infection penetrates from the tonsils located in the sky, the most often is complicated chronic tonsillitis, in contrast to angina.

    The microorganisms causing the abscess are the same as those that caused the underlying disease. Most often, penetration occurs from the upper pole of the amygdala, it is here that the lacunae are distinguished by a special depth and convoluted course. Capsule of the amygdala, thin, and fiber loose - these are just ideal conditions.

    But you should not write off everything on tonsillitis or tonsillitis, a banal trauma can also lead to a paratonsillar abscess. A foreign body, a wisdom tooth or its inflammation can also become causes. Additional hypothermia, impaired metabolism or stress, will only facilitate the task of microorganisms.
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    Classification of

    There is an anterior-superior, posterior or inferior form of parathonsillar abscesses.

    The most common option is the front-top version of the .Why? Yes, it's very simple, because the upper pole of the amygdala is located in a special cavity is experiencing difficulties with the outflow of the contents of the lacunae. The pathological process is located between the upper part of the lingual-tongue arch( located on the side of the mouth), the anterior-upper part of the supra-maxillary fossa and the upper pole of the amygdala.

    This causes swelling of the soft palate on the affected side, it protrudes from the front. After a lapse of five to six days, the upper sections of the tongue-and-tongue arch begin to bulge, the greatest place of pus to the mucosa appears as an elevation of yellow color. This is where all can break and an abscess - drain.

    According to statistics, the back version of is not so common and only takes 10%.Local symptoms here are quite different than with antero-top form. The first thing that catches your eye is the absence of trism( the patient can not open his mouth or opens it partially).For differential diagnosis, this circumstance is very important. This form is very dangerous, because it can lead to swelling of the larynx, which disrupts breathing and requires immediate relief.

    The lower version of can be found rarely, mainly the cause of this form are problems with the teeth( odontogenic causes).There is an abscess in the cellulose located behind the lower third palatal arch, between the palatine and lingual tonsils.

    Symptoms of paratonsillar abscess

    A person who developed a paratonsillar abscess will tell a doctor that he has had a sore throat or has tonsillitis.

    Against the background of the transferred infection, his condition on the contrary became worse, it hurt to swallow, especially on the one hand, the temperature rose again, only now the state is much worse. On one side, the soft sky will be red, swollen, the tonsils gradually become invisible, and the tongue shifts to one side( in the opposite direction from the lesion).

    Unlike angina( see symptoms of angina), the pain is more severe, even in a calm state, it becomes piercing or acute, can give into the ear and become more intense when swallowed, during coughing or simple movement. It is difficult for the patient to open his mouth( triasm of chewing musculature), the head keeps still, more often it is tilted to the sore side.

    Cervical and submandibular lymph nodes react with an increase. The voice acquires a nasal( due to the motionless, soft palate).Eating food becomes a real test, even liquid food can pass through the nose.

    Complications of

    Most often, all ends with a complete recovery, but if the body is weakened, and the microbes or viruses differ aggressiveness, everything can develop into phlegmon( inflammation) of the ocular tissue throughout. Further, as melting, pus can penetrate into the thorax.

    The condition with phlegmon of okologoblotochnoy cellulose is more than heavy, the body temperature quickly rises to high figures, intoxication, saliva flows, and the smell from the mouth becomes unpleasant. Swallowing is not only painful, but it is simply not possible, the larynx is edematous, which leads to hoarseness and difficulty breathing, during the examination of the doctor the patient tries to keep the head still, most often tilting it to the side of the lesion.

    During palpation, the neck in the anterior-lateral surface is tense, swollen and painful. With the progression of the disease, mediastinum inflammation may develop( purulent mediastenitis), the molten vessels may cause bleeding. In addition, there may be thromboses, in particular the internal jugular vein, which will lead to sepsis.

    Treatment of paratonsillar abscess

    If there is a suspicion of a parathonsillar abscess, it is worth immediately running to the ENT doctor. Also, because of the danger of complications, it is not necessary to treat tonsillitis or tonsillitis alone, only the doctor knows which methods and medicines are best to take and in what quantity.

    While the abscess is not "ripe" prescribe antibiotics, and if they prove to be ineffective, the process will have to be opened, and the cavity is completely cleaned of the leftover pus and then again - antibiotics. In parallel, after opening the mouth, rinse with antiseptics, they prevent the spread of infection.

    The most important thing is not to wait and not to be treated independently, but on time turn to a specialist for help.

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