Nasal wash with sinusitis: how to wash your nose at home?

  • Nasal wash with sinusitis: how to wash your nose at home?

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    As a result of sinusitis, pus is formed in the maxillary sinuses, and inflammation of the mucous membranes also occurs.

    Therefore, a rinse of the nose with genyantritis is intended to reduce swelling, as well as help wash the pus that accumulated in the maxillary sinuses. The procedure is simple and has a high level of efficiency, besides, it is easy to wash the nose at home. After the first session, a person feels a noticeable relief.

    You can wash your nose in your doctor's office, for this you use the method of moving liquids, or simply cuckoo.

    As practice shows, washing the nose with sinusitis greatly facilitates the manifestation of the symptoms of the disease, and also have an additional effect when carrying out antibacterial therapy.

    How to properly wash the nose with sinusitis

    To achieve maximum effectiveness, while not harming your health, you should know everything about the procedure of washing the nose.

    Before preparing the washing solution, it must be ensured that it contains the correct concentration of the active ingredient, otherwise it may be possible to burn or injure the nasal mucosa. Secondly, before washing it is necessary to clean the sinuses of the nose from the accumulated mucus or dried particles of snot, since the stuffy nose will not give the full benefit of the solution used.
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    Just do not forget to make sure of the sterility of all used devices that you will use for washing( syringes, syringes, teapots, etc.).

    The otorhinolaryngologist should prescribe the appropriate drugs with which to wash the nose. Typically, the procedure takes 10 minutes and brings noticeable relief. The easiest way to wash the nose with genyantritis at home is using a special syringe that can be purchased at any pharmacy. If there is no syringe, then it can be replaced by a small teapot, a glass, or simply a solution in a compressed palm.

    1. 1) Start rinsing with a less stuffed part of the nose. To do this, lean over the bathroom, turning your head so that the desired nostril is higher.
    2. 2) Carefully, trying not to damage the mucous paste the tip of the syringe in your nose, deepening it to a comfortable level.
    3. 3) Begin to inject the solution under a slight pressure, if you are using a glass, then draw the liquid with your nostril yourself.
    4. 4) During the wash, some sounds can be produced( for example, a long "a") to facilitate the procedure.
    5. 5) Rinse your nose, alternately changing your nostrils. At the end of the procedure, blow your nose.
    After rinsing, you can lie down for a while on the bed, try not to go out immediately to the street, so as not to catch a cold mucous. For the preparation of mortar at home you can use both folk remedies and pharmacy products( furacilin, etc).

    If the rinsing at home was not as effective as expected, then you can try the "Cuckoo" method. This procedure is performed in the physiotherapy room, or immediately at the reception at the ENT.

    Than to wash a nose at a genyantritis in house conditions?

    Before using folk remedies for sinusitis during sinusitis, you should consult your doctor, as it is he who can choose an effective medication that will help you to quickly cure sinusitis.

    In addition, we are all individual, and if a particular recipe has helped one person, this does not mean that this tool will help you.

    And so, here are some folk remedies that showed the greatest effectiveness in sinusitis:

    1. 1) The simplest and most popular method is the use of ordinary rock salt. It can reduce swelling and inflammation. It is necessary to prepare a warm, lightly salted solution into which, for greater efficiency, you can add a little soda.
    2. 2) In a glass of warm water, drip about 16 drops of propolis, add a small spoonful of salt, and a couple drops of iodine. Rinse the nose with this effective solution can be 2-4 times a day.
    3. 3) The natural components include rinsing the nose - chamomile, oak bark, St. John's wort, eucalyptus leaves. These tinctures have an anti-inflammatory effect. Do not forget to add a couple of pinch of salt.
    These solutions can be mixed, experimented and alternated to get the desired effect in the shortest possible time.

    Flushing of the nose with furicilin for sinusitis

    Most often, among pharmacies for rinsing the nose, it is furacilin that is preferred, as it is valued for its antiseptic properties and low cost. It can be bought as a liquid solution, or tablets. The drug is popular and has no side effects.

    To flush the nose with furcilin at sinus sinusitis was performed correctly, follow these small instructions:

    1. 1) For 1 liter of boiled, warm water take one tablet of furacilin and carefully dissolve so that the pieces of the preparation are not visible.
    2. 2) For washing, it is best to use a syringe, which should be filled with a prepared solution of furacelin.
    3. 3) For 20-30 minutes before the procedure, you should clean the nasal cavity from the snot, and drip vasoconstrictive drops.
    4. 4) Insert the solution into each nostril, bending over the sink first. In case of correct execution, the solution will flow out of the opposite nostril.
    5. 5) After you have finished rinsing the nose, lie down in the horizontal position for 20 minutes( the head should be raised).
    A new solution should be prepared before each new rinse with furatsilin. You can rinse for 1 week, 3-4 times a day.

    Dolphin for nasal lavage

    Dolphin is a natural remedy for nasal lavage, has anti-edematous and anti-inflammatory effect. In its composition, you can find a mineral-plant complex, with the addition of table salt and herbs.

    The use of this drug does not cause side effects, as the composition and concentration of salts is the same as in the body in humans. Rinse the nose in turn, using a special device that is part of the Dolphin.

    Before use, read the instructions to familiarize yourself with the contraindications and other nuances.

    In conclusion

    To get the maxillary sinusitis fast, do not focus on washing the nose.

    Therapy should be comprehensive, and if necessary include antibiotic therapy. Therefore, if you find the first symptoms of sinusitis, you should seek help from an otolaryngologist. He will tell you how to treat genyantritis correctly and effectively, and also prescribe the appropriate medication.

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