• Treatment of dyspnea folk remedies

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    Folk dyspnea treatment: homemade recipes.

    Shortness of breath is a pathological process, during which there is a shortage of oxygen in the body.

    As a result of the fact that the reasons provoking it are quite different, they must be properly diagnosed for the beginning and then proceed directly to treatment.

    What is dyspnea: causes, symptoms, types ^

    Shortness of breath, or dyspnea is a violation of the depth and frequency of breathing, which is accompanied by a shortage of air.

    This condition provokes diseases of the lungs, blood vessels, nervous system or heart, an allergic reaction, severe nervous breakdown, excessive physical activity, obesity and asthma.

    Symptoms of dyspnea are shortness of breath( inhalation or exhalation), characterized by rales, wheezing and changes in rhythm with frequency.

    Dyspnoea is classified into the following forms - cardiac, psychogenic, pulmonary, cerebral, expiratory( it is difficult to exhale), inspiratory( difficult to breathe), mixed and hematogenous.

    Traditional dyspnea treatment uses mainly herbal products, which are intended for the preparation of medicinal broths, infusions and inhalations.

    The most popular folk remedies for shortness of breath, recommended by unofficial medicine, are as follows:

    • Garlic, oil, lemon, potatoes, honey;
    • Medicinal herbs - thyme, birch leaves, motherwort, celandine, lemon balm, hawthorn and others.

    Treatment of dyspnea in children

    Pediatric dyspnea can be caused by respiratory, pulmonary or cardiac diseases, allergies or asthma. Success in the treatment of dyspnea in children will be hanged from an accurate diagnosis of the cause that caused it.

    This process, triggered by respiratory disease or bronchitis, occurs after drug therapy or procedures included in home dyspnea treatment.

    In the presence of serious illness, self-medicate dyspnea is not necessary, since in this case her attacks can not be eliminated without the help of a specialist.

    Treatment of dyspnea in the elderly

    Most common dyspnoea occurs in the elderly, whose body is prone to cardiac, vascular and pulmonary diseases.

    At this age, dyspnea treatment for home remedies is acceptable, but before you start folk medicine, you need to identify its cause. To do this, it is advisable to consult a therapist who, when examining and diagnosing the disease, will prescribe the necessary course of treatment with recommendations.

    Treatment for dyspnoea at home: folk recipes ^

    Home treatment for dyspnea: folk recipes.

    Treatment of cardiac dyspnea

    • Seeds of wormwood fill with olive oil in a ratio of 1: 4 for 12 hours. This tincture is accepted as follows - mix three drops with ch.l.sugar and slowly dissolve.
    • Procedure to be performed in the morning.

    Treatment of psychogenic dyspnea

    • Ground motherwort in the amount of st.l.pour into a glass of steep boiling water for one hour. Take the infusion received twice a day.
    • 20 gr. Melissa insist in 250 ml of boiling water and consumed during the day in three divided doses.

    Treatment of inspiratory dyspnoea

    • Take shredded herbs in the amount of 2 - thyme, 5 - blackberries, 4 - motherwort and filigree, 3 - cucumber and mix.
    • Spoon a tablespoon of the finished collection for 40 minutes with a glass of boiling water and take it during the day instead of tea.

    Treatment of expiratory dyspnea

    • In 700 ml of boiling water place 4 tablespoons.leaves of cranberries( it is possible with berries) for 3 hours, then strain, add honey( tsp) and drink during the day.
    • Cowberry leaves with fruits( st.l) brew in a glass of boiling water and use for attacks of dyspnea.

    Treatment of shortness of breath after a heart attack

    • Put 50 grams into a liter of boiling water.flowers and hawthorn fruits, warm and last for two hours.
    • This broth should be divided into two portions( two days) and each consumed throughout the day.

    Treatment of dyspnea with bronchitis

    • Connect the two parts of the althea with the mother-and-stepmother and part of the oregano. From the collection, take st.l, pour 500 ml of boiling water for 20 minutes, then strain. Take infusion should be after eating ½ cup three times each day.
    • Boil potatoes with peel, place in a deep bowl and breathe over it for 10 minutes.

    Treatment of dyspnea with bronchial asthma

    • One head of garlic is cleaned, rubbed, combined with crushed three lemons with peel, put them in a glass container, pour for five days with a liter of boiled water.
    • The filtered infusion should be taken before meals according to art.l.

    Treatment of dyspnea with allergy

    • Prepare a collection - 5 parts of sage with a turn, 8 parts of flowers of a Kalina, 3 parts of a camomile with mint.
    • Ст.л.ready to put the collection in a thermos, pour 250 ml of boiling water and leave for 8 hours( preferably at night).
    • Use the infusion required before meals in 4 divided doses.

    Treatment of shortness of breath when walking and physical activity

    • Pair the heads of garlic to a mushy state, then pour over 400 ml of unrefined vegetable oil, mix and place in the refrigerator.
    • Take garlic oil as follows - tsp.combine oil with ch.l.lemon juice and eat before meals three times every day.

    Treatment of heat dyspnea

    • Take 2 tablespoons each.lemon balm with chamomile, pour them 450 ml of boiling water, wrap the container for an hour, then strain.
    • Add three tablespoons to the obtained medicinal infusion. Lemon juice and consumed during the day in two to three receptions.
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    Prevention and useful advice how to prevent the onset of dyspnea ^

    A person suffering from shortness of breath should be provided with a normal ventilation in the lungs. To activate this process, the patient needs to adhere to the following additional healing techniques:

    • Therapeutic breathing exercises, thanks to which the lungs are strengthened and oxygen enriched with blood;
    • Non-intensive exercise that will gradually help strengthen the respiratory system, blood vessels and improve blood circulation and heart function. For this, you can use walking or light jogging in the fresh air, morning gymnastics or swimming.

    Following the following simple preventive rules, you can prevent the appearance of dyspnea:

    • Refuse or reduce the use of alcoholic beverages, caffeine and cigarettes;
    • Maintain a stable psycho-emotional state;
    • At the first sign of shortness of breath, consult a specialist immediately;
    • Strengthen vessels and heart with regular light physical exertion and respiratory gymnastics.