• Treatment of a boil with folk remedies

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    Treatment of the boil: home recipes.

    A boil or boil arising on the skin is accompanied by severe pain and deterioration of well-being.

    For the treatment of purulent inflammatory formations, there are many folk ancient recipes that allow you to quickly remove inflammation, extract its contents and accelerate healing in a short time.

    What is a boil and boils: causes, types ^

    Furunculosis is an inflammatory process caused by the activation of a staphylococcal infection located in the hair follicle and the surrounding connective tissue surrounding the connective tissue.

    For this disease is characterized by an increase in temperature, deterioration of well-being and the appearance on the skin of a dense, painful and purulent inflammatory node called furuncle.

    Furunculosis is predisposed to the following factors:

    • Cutaneous microtrauma;
    • Depletion of the immune system;
    • Frequent hypothermia;
    • Various diseases - colds, diabetes, hypovitaminosis, endocrine system diseases, etc.;
    • Incorrect food;
    • A gross violation of hygiene rules.

    There are three varieties of furuncles - purulent, subcutaneous and abscessed, or phlegmonous. Purulent seals can affect the face, arms, legs, neck, underarm area, back, buttocks or inguinal area.

    Folk treatment of the furuncle is aimed at their effective removal and healing of the wound without the formation of scars. To this end, such folk remedies for the treatment of furuncles as indoor plants( aloe, ficus), medicinal herbs, oils and bee products are in demand. In addition, the treatment of the furuncle with home remedies is welcome - salt, onion, garlic, raw potatoes, laundry soap, etc.

    Treatment of the furuncle at home includes the preparation of not only compresses or ointments, but also broths that purify the blood, relieve inflammation and strengthen the body.

    Treatment of a furuncle during pregnancy

    The load exerted on the body during pregnancy can cause a decrease in hemoglobin or weakening of immunity. It is during this period that a woman is exposed to the formation of painful seals on the skin, which carry a certain threat to the fetus.

    During the formation of a boil during pregnancy, it is recommended to consult a doctor immediately for the appropriate therapeutic course.

    Home treatment of boil provides for strengthening the body of the future mother with vitaminized diet, special gymnastics and using firming decoctions consisting of those medicinal herbs that are not contraindicated in pregnancy.

    Treatment of boils at home: folk recipes ^

    Treatment of boils at home: recipes.

    Treatment of a furuncle on the face

    • Apply three times a day with camphor oil;
    • Fresh mug leaf boil in milk, then fix it for the night on the seal.

    Treatment of a furuncle in the nose

    • Roots of a dandelion to grind, pour them with boiling water for three hours in the calculation of 10 g: 250 ml and use every day three tablespoons each.5 times;
    • Soak the laundry soap, pour milk 1: 2, boil until thick, then put the resulting mixture on the boil and fix it.

    Treatment of a furuncle in the ear

    • Equal parts of garlic with onion chop, lightly fry them in oil, then apply to a sore spot.
    • Cowberry leaves, a row and raspberries mixed, st.l.collect pour for 1.5 hours with boiling water, strain and take before meals 100 ml four times daily.

    Treatment of a furuncle in the groin

    • Rub two tablespoons.berries of a viburnum, to fill in for 4 hours with boiled water, after that to accept infusion inward on three glasses every day;
    • Leaves of plantain thoroughly rinse, grind and fix on the boil. Compress to use at night.

    Treatment of a furuncle under the arm

    • Blackberry leaves are combined with the flowers of calendula 2: 1, then two tablespoons.raw 250 ml boiled water for half an hour and use infusion of 100 ml four times;
    • Linen cloth soak with vegetable oil, put in it crushed garlic and apply a compress to the boil.

    Treatment of a furuncle on the buttocks

    • Take two leaves of ficus, one grind in a meat grinder, the other place in boiling water for softening.
    • Then pour the gruel mixture on a soft ficus leaf and fix it on the seal, leaving it overnight.

    Treatment of a boil with honey

    • 50 gr.honey, 50 gr.melted household soap to combine with flour, cook a cake and attach to chiru at night;
    • Mix honey with rye flour until a thick consistency of clay is formed, cover with chamomile and top with a bandage.

    Treatment of a boil with beeswax

    • Natural butter( 4) melt, combine with the beeswax( 1) and heat, not bringing the mixture to a boil.
    • In a warm form, attach the obtained volume to the boil, fix and leave the compress for the night.

    Treatment of a boil with garlic

    • Take a clove of garlic, cut a thin plate and fasten it to a chir. Garlic compress should be used at the initial stage of ripening maturation;
    • Mix grated garlic, olive oil, a bit of household laundry shavings and a couple of drops of tea tree oil. Then you need to warm up all the ingredients and apply to the area of ​​the abscess.

    Treatment of a furuncle of aloe

    • Cut a leaf of three-year-old aloe, cut and fix on an abscess with an adhesive plaster, periodically changing.
    • Aloe pulp excellently extracts purulent contents and accelerates healing.

    Treatment of a boilie onion

    • Baked onion mixed with a 2: 1 soap shaving and applied to the abscess four times each day;
    • Prepare a mixture of gruel of a baked onion, st.l.honey and st.l.flour, attach to the boil, fastened with a bandage.

    Treatment of a boil with ointments

    • Powder dried herb dried( 5 g.) To connect with 30 g.vegetable oil and a dessert spoon of honey. The resulting ointment should be applied to the seal, placing a sticking plaster on top. The number of procedures is two;
    • Equal parts of butter, cream, aloe and pine resin pulp, mix, melt in a water bath and after cooling, lubricate the sore spot.

    Treatment of boils with medicinal herbs

    • 10 pcs. Burdock mugs boil for 20 minutes in 200 ml of boiling water. The resulting broth should be taken once a day;
    • Fresh flowers of sweet clover, grind, grind with natural butter and attach to the abscess.
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    Prevention and useful advice how to avoid the emergence of boils ^

    Furunculosis is a very unpleasant, very painful and very dangerous disease, but it can be avoided by adhering to the following preventive measures:

    • Strict adherence to industrial, household and personal hygiene;
    • The presence of a full balanced diet;
    • Timely treatment of skin injuries with antiseptics;
    • Regular reception of funds that increase immunity, mineral supplements and vitamin complexes.