Diet Ladenka: the menu of a step-by-step diet and the harm of the ladder

  • Diet Ladenka: the menu of a step-by-step diet and the harm of the ladder

    Diet: The menu for every day, contra-indications and tips for the correct exit from the diet.

    . The diet is one of the lungs and well tolerated. Weight loss goes in several stages less than a week. Miracle diet Lesenka, for 5 days which you can forget about your favorite dishes, will help get rid of 5 or more pounds. But in order to preserve the results of the diet, you should try not to overeat and not lean on fatty foods.

    Stages of the

    1. diet Cleansing.
    2. Recovery.
    3. Carbohydrate make-up.
    4. Muscle building.
    5. Fat burning.

    Fundamental rules

    1. Do not forget to drink at least 3 liters of boiled warm water per day.
    2. Do some simple physical exercises or do some simple sport.
    3. Tune in to a good result and be always in a positive mood.

    Day One

    At the beginning of the diet, you should try to clean the stomach and intestines. Assistants in this matter will be apples and activated charcoal. Substances that are so rich in apples, dilute fatty tissues and accelerate metabolism. Fruit fiber reduces appetite and, together with activated charcoal, helps to cleanse the body.

    Step ladder diet, the menu of which consists of just a few products, is perfect for lazy cooks.

    Diet of the day:

    1. 6 tablets of activated charcoal, which you need to take measuredly throughout the day;
    2. Kilogram of non-acidic apples;
    3. 2 bottles of mineral still water.

    Day Two

    Due to active cleansing at the beginning of the diet, on the second day it is just necessary to nourish the body with important elements. To help in this matter will come dairy products of low fat. At this stage you can lose weight by a kilogram.

    Diet of the Day:

    1. Large package of not very fat kefir;
    2. A pound of fat-free cottage cheese without sugar.

    Day Three

    At this stage, it is important to nourish the body with carbohydrate products, so that the body does not lose any energy. After this step, you can miss 600-700 grams of weight.

    Diet of the day:

    1. About a liter of compote of dried fruits, which must be drunk in small portions;
    2. Some raisins;
    3. A couple of spoons of flower raisins to dilute unsweetened compote.

    Day 4

    This phase of weight loss activates the building processes, as in the menu of this day only protein products.

    Diet of the Day:

    1. Dietary poultry meat, not more than 600 gr.
    2. Any greens;
    3. Water.

    At this stage, you can say goodbye to 1.5 kilograms of live weight.

    The last day of

    At the end of the diet, the accumulated fat is burned, due to products rich in fiber. The digestion of such products requires more energy than they themselves give the body. And also such products derive from the intestine the remains of the breakdown of protein products.

    Diet of the Day:

    1. 200 gr.oatmeal cooked on water without salt;
    2. Half of any fruit;
    3. Sliced ​​from 500 grams of vegetables with a few spoons of olive oil.

    On the last day of the diet, you can get rid of a couple pounds of unnecessary weight.

    Fixing the results

    If after a diet immediately return to the normal diet, you can easily return the lost pounds. To prevent this from happening, you can not eat too much calories in a week. There is a need for small portions, but very often. Only gradually you can enter into your menu your favorite foods in limited quantities.

    Benefit and harm

    The use of diet in cleansing the body of all unnecessary, improving the functioning of the excretory system, improving the internal and external condition of the skin, reducing weight.

    Lash stems: in the early days of frequent attacks of hunger, in recent days, constipation is possible. Contraindicated for people with chronic diseases of the intestine, pancreas or liver, as well as people with heart disease. Damage ladder can cause pregnant and lactating women.

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