A gift for a housewarming party with own hands: original ideas with a photo

  • A gift for a housewarming party with own hands: original ideas with a photo

    It has always been a tradition to give presents for a housewarming party. It is better to bring something that is useful in everyday life and will be useful. By tradition, the present should be intended for the whole family and, of course, be of high quality. It is wonderful to be able to do something from the field of needlework. This skill is useful in order to make a gift for a housewarming party.

    Pillows for a sofa

    Let's consider a master-class of sewing a pillow and pillow cases to it.

    Sew napernik from squares of coarse calico 45 × 45 cm, taking into account the allowances for seams on all sides of 1 cm. Fill with the packing and close the left lumen with a seam, wrapping the allowances inwards. As a filler, it is better not to use the pen because of the difficulties of care for feather pillows. In addition, they are more likely to cause allergies.

    Under the scheme below, we will sew a pillowcase. For her, take a few colors of one kind of fabric.

    Allowances for seams in 1 cm are taken into account in the diagram. Connect the pieces of tissue between each other first from the first row, then from the second and, lastly, from the third. Sew the iron in each row in different directions. That is, on the first and third page - in one, on the second - in another. Then connect them with a string. Walk through the iron on the square. Svam is also giving the same direction. The size of the final piece is 47 × 47 cm.

    Next, cut out the back part of the pillowcase. For strength it can be made of 2 layers. If you make a pillowcase on the fastener( buttons or zippers), then the back sheet will consist of 2 parts. Allow the lightning allowance to leave 10 cm.

    Carry out the connection of the pillowcase details. Fold them face-down inside and sweep, then lay the machine line.

    Using the diagrams on the photo, you can sew several similar pillows.

    Beautiful it will turn out a gift!

    Covers for stools

    We will sew here:

    Fabric for such things is better to prefer dark colors with water-repellent properties.

    Buy or search in its inventory:

    • cloth for the front side of the boot;
    • sintepon;
    • lining cloth;
    • elastic band;
    • sewing materials.

    Cut from the fabric intended for the upper part of the cover, a square piece of 35 × 35 cm and a strip of 1 m 35 cm in length and 7 cm in width.

    Cut out similar squares from the underlay and the sintepon.

    Apply them to each other and make a few stitches at a distance of 9 cm from each other.

    Then sew the main fabric to the already stitched two layers around the edges.

    Sew edge to the edge of the prepared strip with the top layer of the case from the wrong side.

    Treat edges with a zigzag or overlock weld. Strip the tuck and put the elastic band on.

    "Tablet" for notes

    It's easy to do. Yes, and the thing you need. If the husband does not write that there is a pilaf in the fridge, then one sausage will go to use. ..

    For such a board you will need: plywood, frame, acrylic paint. And if you use magnetic paint, then this board can be decorated with corners from the magnets. Or just use it to fix the magnets.

    Frames for family photos

    Frames, trimmed with buttons, flat stones, coffee beans are rather original.

    How to make a frame, tell on the video.


    You can give such a thing to a housewarming party, for example, a friend or sister.

    It is made from a coil from scotch tape. Top with paper. Also finish inside. The lid is decorated with ribbons, beads. On the upper edge of the box is taped.

    Gifts from wood

    You can see this in the video below.

    You can not do without a postcard. ..

    Such a miracle perfectly complements the fun gifts for a housewarming party, and it's easy to make by yourself.

    In order to decide what to give, it will be nice to ask what the needs of new settlers. And at the same time, adequately assess their abilities in needlework. Then the present will really bring joy to relatives or friends.